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Helpless Characters.

Though it's not stated specifically, it's assumed that Coup de Grace is used exactly as it is in the D&D Core Player's Handbook, am I correct?

What about knocking out characters? There are no subdual rules in T20 (p. 155).

Any suggestions, or did I miss something?
Subdual damage == Stamina - so there is no need to have sbdual rules.

If someone has a weapon capable of subdual (ie a club) then I would let them do an auto crit (in terms of dice) damage straight to Stamina - If they do more stam than the victim has then it starts doing lifeblood anyway.

Any use of bladed weapons as clubs invloves a chance to snap the thing (and I wouldn;t allow foil use anyway)

Of course, if you are actually trying to kill a helpless victim - I wouldn;t bether pulling dice out. They describe the action, then if there is a chance to survivie it, I might roll. (ie if the victim is tied but awake and you place a pistol against their head and pull the trigger, they can flinch away, the round may not penetrate the skull etc / is they are unconscious and you place a shotgun in their mouth pointing up, nobody would survive.)

Of course if the dead body is placed in an autodoc immediately, it may only have been "slightly" dead.