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Grav Board accessories


Here is a list of accessories to go with the Gyro grav board described in my last Toys post. In case you missed that one I`ve placed a copy below.

Gyro grav board
For all of you die hard street surfers, wave riders and snow borders, here is the tech level 12 version of everyone's favorite alternate transportation. The high speed grav surf board is certainly one of the more stylish ways to get around, however life threatening. Complete with gyro stabilizers for balance, a variable speed acceleration unit and very sensitive active response controls for extremely good handling. The idiot...er pilot (also called a Wind Surfer) is attached to the board with magnetic boots, so he can change his riding position at any time. All the controls for speed and maneuvering are in the boots themselves, this makes controlling the board rather difficult. The gyro stabilizers only make flying possible. Rookies are better off with a grav belt. However the difficulty involved is only applied when learning. Once mastered there is nothing on this scale that can out fly a grav broad. A good Wind Surfer can turn on a dime at near top speed, navigate the interior of an unfinished building and come to a stop with the boards nose balanced on the head of a pin.

class Grav Vehicle TL 12 cost Cr 100,000 size Large (300vl) drive train Grav range 4 Weeks agility 5 initiative +5 AC 14 (+5 agility -1 size) SI 5 speeds Acceleration=5/10/15/20kph Offroad=n/a Very Slow=5-20kph (I think. That setting`s never been used.) Slow=35kph Cruising=70kph Fast=100kph Maximum=150kph

Grav ball
A small (about the size of a softball) self contained grav flyer. Can travel by it`s self, at high speeds avoiding obstacles and capture. It can be programed with hundreds of different evasive maneuvers. The flight path is usually determined as a preprogramed path or destination or completely random movement within the specified boundaries. Needles to say there are many very interesting sports that revolve around use of the grav ball. One type of game that the authorities are not to happy about are the city wide Wind Surfer games. Games like capture the flag, except the flag is moving. And a high speed version of Lacrosse. Some versions of the grav ball have a densitometer built in and will plow through anything soft or fragile.

class Grav Vehicle TL 12 cost Cr 500 size Diminutive drive train Grav range 8 hours agility 7 initiative +7 AC 21 (+7 agility +4 size) SI 5 speeds Acceleration=20kph Offroad=n/a Very Slow=20kph Slow=35kph Cruising=70kph Fast=100kph maximum=150kph

Grav Board options. Note most of these can be applied to other vehicles.

An innocent version of the starship anti missile units. This device forms a bubble around the board and it`s pilot, shielding him from the elements. Note this is not a force field, the repulsers are not made to handle any thing heaver than a few grams. It will stop rain and snow but has a hard time with hail and exploding debr...er I meen...um...ah....well. Okay, I got nothing.

TL 15 cost Cr1,000 shop time. 1.5 hours maintenance. none

A Wind Surfer can’t divert much attention from his flying, the slightest distraction can easily be fatal. With that in mind, and the fact that no one wants to fly blind, the grav boards sensors are fed directly to it`s pilots HUD. This system costs about the same as a standard grav car system except a little harder to find.

Jack knife
Grav Board exclusive. Just one of the many reasons not to piss off a Gyro Gang (GG). A large fold out blade that extends from the side(s) and or bottom of the board. Most are about half the boards length and do damage based on speed. The blade is armor penetrating to an extent, 2 points AP, small vehicle scale. An un armored vehicle will be at the boarders mercy and the blade cuts through personal armor like swiss cheese. Vehicle armor is an entirely different beast. If the blade fails to cut through a vehicles armor it will very likely get stuck, note when a high speed vehicle suddenly stops the person standing on top of it usually dosn`t. At the very least he`ll walk away with a case of whiplash he won`t soon forget. To compensate for this problem the jack knife is built with an intentional flaw in the the metal. This means that if it ever hits something it can`t cut through, ie does no damage, the blade will break. Even with this safety mechanism the pilot must make a reflex save DC 20 and a wind ride skill check DC 15 or spin out of control. This also means that the blade has to be replaced regularly.

TL 12 cost Cr12,000 dmg Very Slow 2D6+4 (at this speed it won`t break on a failure to do damage) Slow 3D6+5 Cruising 3D10+7 Fast 4D10+10 Maximum 6D10+10 shop time. 16 hours. maintenance. replace blade every 100 uses. an old blade has a 10% chance of breaking every time it is used. Increase that chance by 5 after each use. mt. 6 hours.
Replacement blade cost Cr3,000. Cr1,000 if the old blade is returned intact.

weapons mount
A Grav Board can only support mounted personal weapons.

Wind Surfers can`t really use the smoke screen defense, it would only last a second at the speed they`re going. But they can leave a smoke screen behind them to confuse their pursuers. Grav Boarders can fly circles around most vehicles any way, with smokes involved the opposition will find them selves engulfed in a thick cloud of IR heat smoke. Treat as smoke grenade except in a trail behind the board. The smoke is very dense so it will take longer to dissipate, 1D6+6 rounds, 1D6+1 in windy conditions. If your made of money, you can use static smoke for added annoyance. Static smoke uses the highly advanced technology of a balloon rubbed against a fury head. This stuff will not only blind your target but it will stick to it like glue, persists for 2D12+6 rounds, 2D12+1 round in windy conditions. Note, windy conditions can be simulated by going very fast. Each smoke cartridge will last for 6 rounds of continues use.

TL 12 cost. Cr700 shop time. 4 hours. maintenance. Clean nozzle after every use, mt. 15 min. Replace cartridge as needed, mt 5 min.
Standard smoke cartridge TL 6 cost Cr250
IR smoke cartridge TL 10 cost Cr500
Static smoke cartridge TL 14 cost Cr3,000

After Burners
Gives short bursts of tactical speed, 500 kph. It runs off an independent fuel cell that will last for five minutes of continues use.

TL 12 cost 10,000 shop time. 20 hours. maintenance. monthly, replace fuel cell as needed.


A combination of reflectors, static field generators, and sensor decoys gives the Grav Board a sensor image like a florescent green dress with red poke a dots, you know it`s there but you can`t look at it with out getting a headache. This makes it very hard to get a weapons lock and it confuses the hell out of homing missiles. Computer targeting is rendered useless, note anyone using a computer assisted targeting system will suffer a -10 penalty in addition to loosing the targeting bones. Only available for a 300vl chassis or smaller.

TL 14 cost 4,000 shop time. 5 hours. maintenance. none

Custom board
A grav board that fits the pilot like a glove. Designed to match the pilot in every way, from control sensitivity to color preference. The Wind Surfer gets +5 on all flying checks when using his board. If any one else uses it they will suffer a -5 penalty and certain death when the rightful owner catches up.

TL 12 cost Cr300,000 shop time. 1 year. maintenance. monthly
:( Aw come on guys, give me some feed back. I just know you`ve got some thing to say and I want to hear it.
Colored fiber optic lights sounds good. How the Grav Board looks is pretty much up to the PC. Spoilers would have to come in sets of two, one on top and one on bottom. If you only have one, you'll end up doing cartwheels.
I think that this is neat, though I was looking for something a bit smaller - like a grav skateboard more than a surfboard.... feel like designing a shrunk down variant?

Also, I think the 500 kph is a bit much. Let's imagine trying to stand against that kind of air pressure.... what str do you figure you'd need? My guess is 'unreasonably high'.

Otherwise, very neat.

Of course, you forgot the key technology for those pestered by wind surfers....

1. The doppler triggered claymore mine....
2. The monofilament wire for small openings that look inviting to wind surfing tresspassers
3. The spiderweb sticky trap
4. The mirrored glassteel wall

These and other fine products will help to encourage local windsurfers (or their surviving kin) to move their operations elsewhere...
feel like designing a shrunk down variant?
Be my guest. I was thinking of one doing of those myself. But as of late I`ve been to busy to do much of anything. :( College kind’a does that to you. :rolleyes:

Also, I think the 500 kph is a bit much. Let's imagine trying to stand against that kind of air pressure.
An excellent point. I would have to say that the afterburners come with a pair of handles. With these affixed to the front of the board the Wind Rider can lay almost flat for a controlled burst of speed. :cool: