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Friedland, my version


SOC-14 1K

A-9678C3-D-B G2v-6

Primary: Alpha Friedland; Spectral Class: G2v; Stellar Lumonisoity: 1.08; Stellar Radii: 1.01; Stellar Masses: 1.02; Habitable Planets: 1- Friedland; Other Planets: (1) Donnerwetter, (2) Hel; (3) Friedland, (4) Speck, (5) Belt, (6) Sumpf (GG), (7) Belt, (8) Nacht. There are two asteroid belts in the system of suprising density, must mostly type C asteroids. The two Gas Giants are superjovian, almost brown dwarf size, and have extensive ring systems, and over a dozen moons each. There is extensive orbital industry throughout the system.

Planetary Data:
Diameter: 9,000 miles (14,400 kilometers); Atmosphere: Terran standard; Hydrosphere: 77% water, ten small continents, numerous islands; Population: 235,698,802; Governmental Type: Charismatic Oligarchy- Restored German Monarchy with Parliment; Law Level: 3; Tech Level: D; Gravity: 1.105G; Axial Tilt: 25%; Orbital Eccentricity: .150%; Length of Year: 382.25 Terran Standard Days; Racial Mix: Terran Human- 82%, Other Human- 5%, Aslan- 10%, Other- 3%.

Climate and Biosphere
The climate is Terran with slightly more extreme seasonal variation due to the axial tilt, and orbital eccentricity. The day is 24 Terran standard hours in length. Tides are generally higher due to the presence of the two large moons. Local lifeforms are not edible to terran decended life due to the presence of reversed amino acids. Local lifeforms are varied and extensive with many that have valuable fur and pelts. Terran crops grow normally, as do Terran animals, except for goats, which for some reason die off quickly.

Government and Local Customs:
The government is the old German Monarchy with a Constitution and Parliment to act as checks and balances. There is a local nobility starting with a Knightly class, and rising all of the way to Grand Duke. There is a great deal of upward mobility into the nobility. Friedlanders base a lot of their noble titles upon service as well as land holdings. Rich Industrialists can usually look forward to a title of some sort. Most Friedlanders are “More German than Germans”, and while most can speak Anglic, most will not until the visitor has at lease tried to speak in German. Uniforms are everywhere, monocles are seen even with those who do not need them.

Friedlanders like to eat, and drink, and usually do so well. Some of the finest restraunts are to be found in Berlin-on-Friedland. The Kasier Wilhelm VI is known throughout the subsector as a Gourmand, and patron of the arts. They have pretty well re-created the Germany of the Late 19th Century in many ways.
Friedland exports Mercenaries, Beer, Industrial products, starship hulls, Chemical products, as well as bulk metals. Friedland imports Caledonian Whiskeys, New Texas Supercow meat, and computer products, Gravitic modules, Imperial luxury items, and Sutekh Vacc Suits. There is a small income tax of 6%, as well as a value added tax of 10%. Trade is taxed at the standard 10%, and corporations pay either a 12% tax or 6% plus environmental clean up fees.

Military and Law Enforcement
Friedland’s Military is very much a product of German history. There are Ten “Guard” Regiments, and a very strong army and space Navy. The army is 100% Grav-Vehicle equipped, and strong in Panzers and Panzergrenadiers. Friedland has miltiary defense and assistance pacts with New Texas, Caledon, and Sutekh. Friedland hires out regiments to other nations to gain combat experience for its troops. Nobody with any sense wants to try and land on Friedland.

Cities and Orbitals
Berlin-on-Friedland- 750,000
Heidleburg-on-Friedland- 500,000
Dresden-on-Friedland- 500,000
Neu Frankfurt- 350,000
Neu Stuttgart- 300,000
Friedland Orbital- 200,000/ 200 landing bays
Neu Kiel Orbital- 50,000/200 landing bays

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Forgive my ignorance, but both databases I look through don't seem to list this world.

I've also done some googling, to no apparent effect (google-fu must be shot today).

Where exactly is this Friedland located?
Originally posted by RainOfSteel:
Forgive my ignorance, but both databases I look through don't seem to list this world.

I've also done some googling, to no apparent effect (google-fu must be shot today).

Where exactly is this Friedland located?
You're sick so you're forgiven. Googling showed this result (in approx. 35 seconds):
Friedland (Beyond Sector:0604)

You've also got far too much time on your hands if you're resurrecting 3 year old threads.
Well, I was looking at some posts made by another user, and found The Second Survey, read it, and was blown away. We've had other similar threads here recently, but that one was from a long time ago and seemed like an active discussion ready to get down and make a product. Then, suddenly, nothing.

After that, I thought I'd go through some of the oldies and see if there was anything to add. Mostly there isn't, but on this one I had a question.

As for Friedland, whenever I'd find something on Google, I'd check my databases, and nothing was there. Which is odd, since I thought they contained The Beyond. I seem to recall, though, that there's more than one version of that Sector . . .
Friedland is also the Homeworld of Colonel Alois Hammer, founder of the Hammer's Slammers Mercenary Tank Corp.

Not that this helps the current discussion. I'm just hyping my favorite David Drake stories :D
Actually Friedland is in my universe jump six away from New Texas, and other such garden spots. Sorry, its not Canon, by any stretch of the imagination.