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Firefly deckplans + goodies

[aw shucks]Well just doing my duty helping other people find info on the net. [/aw shucks]

Kudos to fireflyfans for the original article I spotted and of course whatever gaming group made the original files. :cool:

/me bows to them

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Wasn't there a topic about the Firefly ship as a Traveller ship somewhere around here? I'd like to see it now. Thanks, Casey, 'cause now I may want to rent the series...

EDIT: Found it, never mind...
Casey, this stuff rocks on toast. Good job.

Really good job on the standup heros. They all look mighty familiar
Loved the deck plans, STILL not sure about the size of "Serenity" though, 400 Tons? Glad to see someone else liked the d20 modern stuff, think its a pretty good system (open ended that is).

Note: I did not create and had nothing to do with these items. I am merely the purveyor of where to find them. I suggest if you find them useful do what I did, send a nice email to the addy on the original site thanking them for creating these items that you find useful. :cool:

I checked out my DVDs last night and I hate to say it but I think the deckplans are incorrect. Stairways are shown both port and starboard just aft of the galley. As near as I can tell they don't exist on the actual ship set. There is the aft stairway halfway between the galley and engine room on the starboard side but that's it.
There are also several areas on Serenity that were never shown. The most famous (?) being that area in front of the bridge stations.

There is a midlevel hatch in the cargo bay, halfway up the aft bulkhead. As if there is a middle half deck between the infirmary/passenger dorm and the galley. There is also a second hatch going to the bridge, next to and left of the stairs that go up to the bridge.

The plans may not be 100% accurate, but still pretty good.
Yes, they are expertly drawn and, yes, I recognize there are still a few mystery doors to be explored (goody!) but I thought I'd just mention it.