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Environment question


SOC-14 1K
Let's say you have a Water World with than Exotic atmosphere -- unbreathable but not otherwise harmful.

Is there anything specifically about it being a Water World that would cause it to have an Exotic atmosphere? (Too much hydrogen in the atmosphere? Not enough oxygen because so much is tied up in water molecules?)

Any ideas?
Plankton is very important for absorbing CO2 and releasing O2. Too much plankton = too much O2, too little = too much CO2.
The water itself might then be dangerous, because it will be affected by atmospheric conditions and concentrations of gases. E.g. Nitrogen and Oxygen the components of our stable atmosphere can fall as nitric-oxide acid as raid if the atmospheric pressure is denser than our own, thus the seas of the water world might not be safe or drinkable if contaminated by or made up entirely of nitric acid.