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Digest Group publications and vehicles


Is it planned to republish the World design rules of the World Builders Handbook?
If not (I don't know who owns the rights), is
there a chance to still get a copy of it or a download of the design tables?

Vehicles: Is there a way to design vehicles using the CT-rules? If yes, in which supplement or rule part can I find it?

The answer to your second question is yes, sort of. Vehicles could be designed in CT using the game Striker. (which I guess will be in the next batch of CT reprints). There is however, no way to integrate vehicles into the regular CT personal combat system, you'd have to use the one in Striker instead (desinged for small unit actions with 15mm miniatures). But if you were just interested in performance/speed/price/passengers etc, the Striker system will do it for you.

Dave "Dr. Skull" Nelson