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As person who borrows published adventures to run with other games systems, I have one rule of thumb. Never worry about getting it exactly perfect. You can't. When convertig MAJOR npc's, read the description of this person and just assign an appropriate stats. You are the only one who will see them. For skills, use your brain and just make the conversion and assign a rating. If you have to adjust it so the npc does not run over your pc's or too make it too wimpy. I plan to plan to run the old DGW adventure 'Operation Repo' with Alternity rules. Damn fine adventure with lots of room to expand on.

As gm's always think outside of the box.

Once I've completed my conversion of the Psionic Knights adventures, I will probably post them for others to use, using an approach very similar to that found on EN World:


My conversions will only list the T20 stats I used, or T20 game mechanic notes, as indicated in the THB and the SRD. Specifics of the adventures themselves remain copyrighted, and won't be listed. The only thing I'll provide will be the T20 stats needed to run the adventures. That way, I'm not stepping on anyone's legal toes or whatnot.

What I'm actually hoping is that, by the time I'm ready to post this, that Hunter, Martin and Marc will have posted something regarding an official approach to posting conversions. That way, I really don't have to guess as to how it should be done. (Or if it's even allowed.)

I personally would like to see others' efforts in converting some of the CT and MT adventures, etc, into T20, using a method similar to that covered by EN World's guidelines. It'd make it a lot easier to use the older material, and there are many fans that would love a challenge like that.

Just my personal thoughts,