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Compare and Contrast FF&S1 & 2?


SOC-14 1K
Can someone campare and give a run down of the differences between TNE's FF&S1 and T4's FF&S2?

Is one overwhelmingly better/different than the other?

I used to own both, but it's been a long time.

So, if you were to buy one, which one would it be? If the differences aren't that dramatic, I'm more inclined towards FF&S1.
FF&S1: better edited. Explains the justification for many decisions.
FF&S2: some equations are better. Atrociously edited. Doesn't explain anything.
FF&S1: Some alternative Technologies. Well organized. Tables in sections where discussed. Edge-tabbed. Sufficient white space.

FF&S2: Many more alternative technologies. well organized text, laid out poorly and not well marked, in big monolithic 2-column blocks. Almost no white space. All tables at end.

FF&S1 looks like a gaming book.
FF&S2 looks like a 1960s Chem text, with some chriss foss art thrown in.
I've also heard that FFS2's material would make good appendices for FFS1 -- provided that its quality were brought up to par.
Well I have used FF&S2s asteroid ship rules with FF&S1 successfully. FF&S1 is easier to follow, but make sure you have the version marked
Mk1 Mod1 or the errata for the first printing of FF&S1.