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Chapter 12 Computer Design p. 233 Control Panels and Terminals


SOC-14 1K
Could Hunter or someone who is associated with writing the Computer Design System please explain why are all of the Control Panels and Terminals (CP&T) designated as having a volume of 1.35vl?

Looking in MegaTraveller: Referee's Manual (MT:RM), 2nd Ed. 1987, p. 81 and Traveller the New Era: Fire, Fusion, & Steel, Mk1, Mod 1 (January 1994), p. 47 there is a difference in volume between the various control station types. MegaTraveller: Referee's Manual is the one that is the closest match to the CP&T's listed on p. 233 of the THB.

Using the Control Panel Units table on p. 81 of MT:RM as a model here is a possible change:

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Type TL Volume Cost(Cr) Throughput(CPU)
Basic Mechanical 5 1.35 10,000 5
Adv. Mechanical 6 1.35 10,000 8
Electronic 7 0.14 1,000 10
Adv. Electronic 9 0.01 1,000 100
Dynamic 11 0.03 2,000 200
Holographic 13 0.04 1,000 240 </pre>[/QUOTE]