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Computer Accessories p233


SOC-14 1K
While working on the Computer Design Sequence (CDS) spreadsheet, I think I found another item that appears to need alteration. On p233 there is a list of 6 different computer control panels and terminals. All of them have a volume of 1.35vl. This just doesn't seem right to me, so I started digging in some of my more accessiable books. Looking at similar equipment in MegaTraveller (MT)there is a difference in volume. TNE: FF&S has a volume difference, even GURPS VE2 has a difference for volume depending on TL. The closest to T20 was MT some I applied a similar reduction method. Here is my suggestion, also if someone has the time could you send me instructions on how to create a table using UBB. Okay to the sugesstions:

Basic and ADvanced Mechanical are left as 1.35vl.
Electronic changes from 1.35vl to 0.135vl
Advanced Electronic changes from 1.35vl to 0.01
Dynamic changes from 1.35vl to 0.03
Holographic changes from 1.35vl to 0.04.

All the new numbers are derived from 1.35 and rounded to the second decimal space.

Of course this has probably been asked about and there is answer somewhere here. If this has already been aswered could someone giving me a link to the thread.

Thanks in advance
Tom, you seem to be the only person with the persistance and gumption to decipher the T20 computer construction rules.
Originally posted by tjoneslo:
Tom, you seem to be the only person with the persistance and gumption to decipher the T20 computer construction rules.
Well, I have some basic knowledge of computers
and everyone else wants to fix the other design sequence rules. ;) Of course, part of this persistance and gumption is brought on by questions that others have asked about, like apoc527's question. Another reason is that, at least the way I see it, all the design sequences use the same basic steps, units of measure, and calculations. Computer design has the fewest, vehicles is in the middle, with areospace, interplanetary, and interstellar craft having the most. By learning the computer design sequence I hope that going tthrough the vehicle and aero-, space-, and starship sequences will be easier.

Anyway, does the fix I suggest appear to be in the ballpark of consistancy and logical flow.