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Best Villians?

Spinward Scout

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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering what everyone's best villains are...

I'm currently creating a campaign just after the 5th Frontier War where there's a Count Moro Vel whose wife died, killed by Zhodani during the war, and he wanted to find a way to bring her back to life. He also thought that he could create an army with his findings. Basically, it's a virus of sorts that "brings people back to life", but they really aren't alive any more - the virus has taken over the body. Anyways, the Imperium bans the Count's experiments, and he goes nuts - wants to destroy anyone who doesn't believe in his "vision". This all happened during the 5FW. Now he's escaped and is creating his new army. I'm also incorporating the Star Trigger from the Darrians into the fray - and the Count ends up getting ahold of the Trigger after so long in the story.

What has everyone else done?

The idea of a reoccuring villian is an interesting one. I have often run adventures that involve noble characters come across a fellow noble who has been disgraced but retains the social network that makes him/her untouchable. These characters must constantly work in the shadows, so as not to incur the wraith of "society" down upon them. They, of course, are never able to prove that is an evil noble, for that goes against the concept of the noble. Instead, wittle away at his power base. This sort of adventure was most successful when I played an Aslan campaign.