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Best Starport/City Names?

There's a couple of supsectors IMTU that haven't been explored by anybody yet at all; they're on the fringe of a relatively recently colonized cluster. I'm planning to run a scout campaign there, and so the players will get to name a lot of worlds. Should be fun.

So far, only my G/F has named any: Cheval, a grasslands covered world with a fair amount of water. Bog: Ever wondered what a world with 90% hydration and a dense atmo looks like? Nowhere: A system with a single, featureless, frozen rockball with no resources. "We could hide on Nowhere... who'd think to look Nowhere?"
A subsector capital named Darcia, its gotta be from somewhere else.

An outlaw port called New Dover

It is hard to get good place names. Some are just hard to pronounce others sound like places in Europe.
Are some I like.