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Best Ship Names in your experience Part 2

Had a friend in Second Life who played Traveller and was the engineer on a Marava called "Our Lady of Oportunity" (sic). Never got a straight answer about the missing letter.

My character had a misjump while ferrying an scout his boss had purchased for scrap. Instead of going from Northammon to Vincennes, he ended up in Fergus, clear other side of the Reft, just before the outbreak of the civil war. He named the ship "Pandora"

Another character owns and operates a modified Beowulf named "D.D.Harriman"
Void Ceres: Freelance science ship based on a Type R hull.

Synthetic Margin & Shuttle Marigold: Solomani 2kt high jump freighter.

June Cleaver (Florence Henderson class): IISS supply ship.

Blue Moose: IISS experimental 200t scout ship(1 off).
One of my groups had a Book 2 modified 400 ton Fat Trader--well, built on the same style of hull anyway--with a programmable transponder to be used as a spy ship in other empires. The idea was they would need hard papers to match the transponder data if they were to land and do business (or face inspections)--so they developed a series of alternate identities:
"Ghost Star" ("Official" name): J-2, 2G.
"Memory" Emergency identity.
"March Wind" (Merchant) J-1 and 1g, and
"Port of Barbary" (Merchant) J-2, 2G.
Intel Ships:
Liberty: tends to be in the wrong place at the wrong time
Pueblo: as above, but more so
Little Toy Dog: went out, did not come back

Golden Hind: the captain has a nose for bullion, sometimes acquired legitimately

Captain Nemo, out of Nautilus: prefers to visit Water Worlds

Paladin: mercenary cruiser, "have guns, will jump"

Not Very Popular Scout Ships:

Sir John Franklin: jumps off into the Great Beyond
Captain Robert Scott: has problems making it back
Sir Ernest Shackleton: always makes it back, just not on time
John Cabot: one good trip and then, see Franklin
Magellan: crew might return, ship iffy
George De Long
Adolphus Greely
Vitus Bering
Willem Barentsz
Henry Hudson: crews have this distressing tendency to mutiny
Roald Amundsen: good trips, and then comes the Great Beyond
In my campaign there's always a ship, sometimes a passenger liner, sometimes a yacht, named

"Elegant Interlude".
The Good Ship Lollypop.

I joined a group that had been playing a Traveller camping for years in the early aughts, and the party owned a heavily modified M class subsidized liner*. Apparently one of the players wasn't paying attention to the conversation when they were choosing a name, and the other players voted to name the ship "Lollipop". When the inattentive player finally noticed, he had a meltdown and threatened to quit the campaign. The other players agreed to name the ship TNSTAAFL to mollify him.

I think Lollipop would have been a better name.

*it had been modified into a merchant, and further modified with the addition of a spinal mount particle accelerator cannon in the lower hold
(Class created for a backstory)
Volcano Class Battleriders :
Mount Etna
Mount Saint Helen
Mauna Loa
Olympus Mons
Trader (pick your ship class): Enter Price

Say it out loud and you'll have a hard time not mentioning the name of another mildly famous ship ...