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Best Starport/City Names?

To keep in line with some of cool ship names and characters people have been coming up with, what's your best/favorite names for a particular starport or city your players might find themselves in?

For me, one of my favorites is a colony settlement. The colonists are there trying to make a life...their colony is one they want to endure. They're not going to give up, so they name it "Tena City" (put the words together and it spells 'Tenacity")

Another is an interpretation of an existing planet name in the Marches. There is a world near Darrian called Stellatio. I may be perverse, but that name sounds a bit too close to a certain risque 'latin' term not to be used. So, on that planet we have the domed pleasure cities of Stellatio 7...the ultimate hedonistic resort in all the marches ;)
Can't remeber where I read the name from but I've always like Chashland High Port. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
Perdition - an industrial facility on the edge of a semi-dormant volcano only known as Flame on a small planet in the Pit Nebula (which doesn't exist on any known charts).

My favorite I've ever used was once when the PC's ship misjumped into an area of the OTU I didn't have a map for. So I had to create some systems fast.

The system was New Memphis. The starport was Graceland Down Port. The starport traffic controllers ended all of their transmissions with "Thank you. Thank you very much."

The Stooges Subsector - Home to the Long Night Sttoges Empire and complete with the planets named Schmoe, Moronika, Slaphappia, Shempistan, Curliana, Larraine, and McIntyre. (The latter planet is a garden world with two beautiful moons.) Cities and ports followed the same naming pattern.

My players were 'next door' in a subsector to spinward and kept hearing about the Stooges region. I let their imaginations run riot before they travelled there, then made it very diferent from what they were expecting!

Dubh Mor- (Black rock/Mountain) a belter's Space port actually, in the Dubh Mor Asteroid belt (nearest main world of Udesdashiin/Diamond prince/Ley-Gateway.
A rough and tumble place, and home to some 200 odd Belters, many who claim to be of clan macAllister (also part of the Gateway region campaign).

used in my Gateway campaign, former smuggler's port, built out of a marooned fat Trader (the cargo bay IS the repair bay!). the rest are a mix of soft and hard dome structures. Capacity for 22 "guests" (the upper deck's passenger/crew rooms).
established this at Gencon 2003 when running "Cold Fuzion" with me gamers there.

The PP Beyond sector had a system named Rock, and another named Hard Place, and of course there's another world between them.

It also has a world called Maggie's Nipples...
I always wanted to run an adventure set on a world colonised by Australians, just so I could welcome characters to Tiemekangaroo Down Port. :D
Originally posted by virushi:
I always wanted to run an adventure set on a world colonised by Australians, just so I could welcome characters to Tiemekangaroo Down Port. :D
:D Good one! Not sure how I missed this thread earlier but it's a good idea, nothing to add at the moment but that one got a chuckle and I'm still grinning but now it's got the song playing in my head. Yep that's gonna stick for a while
Originally posted by plop101:
Neo Minneapolis, Scandia/Solomani Rim.
Or Paulapolis, Scandia/Solomani Rim.

Back in Eighteen-something a bishop of the Catholic Church hatched a sceme to merge the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, thus Paulapolis, and the church picked up a lot of land near the proximate center of combined cities, now called the Midway area of Saint Paul. Ths intended site of the new state capitol building is now a public park.
Sorry, wrong, but that's my fault. Try again!

Another one: Port Betar (one just off the top of my head now).
Yes I did. I got the first version wrong. So there.
Now live with it.

Another city on the same planet: Frangers.