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Best book for Vehicles


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Out there in Non-Traveller land there are hundreds of books that inspire. What are some of the best books for Starships that do not belong to the Traveller Universe (which I would include 2300AD, as well) and inspire you. The book could include pictures of other vehicles, as well. But, I am mainly interested in starships.
Wow, that is one brilliant reference site. I think I must have missed the Milennium Falcon, I was scrolling through pretty fast.
for me at least, i draw alot form the star trek and starship trooper (book and anime series, NOT the movie) but also wingman, planet pirates, doesnt really show pics but great ideas waiting to be made (like the space station/refinery combo that sends out shuttles to gather and mark astroids for harvesting
just an add on to my last post, been looking through my roleplaying games and happened to look at my old palladium (C)*dont know how to do the copyright mark* series for robotech, some interesting ideas there....the thought of fighters that can change into large combat mecha, possible uses for Imperium Military, quick way of getting a --it load of heavy combat troops on planet, plus im wondering if it would be possible to redesign the SLV Beachmaster and CVS Prometheus II to use in traveller.
Just those random thoughts firing away again
On my list of Design Systems I have a section devoted to Starship Guides, about 3/4s of the way down. Of the list, I might recommend the Jovian Chronicles Ships of the Fleet series: Dream Pod 9 has always had some interesting and technically adept artists.

I'd also suggest looking at some miniatures games for starship combat: the Silent Death line by ICE produced a number of books with starships of various designs.
There are three spacecraft books for the Heavy Gear line, also from Dream Pod 9. The Jovian Fleetbooks are extremely cool though, as as the Mechanical Catalogs. There are a great many shipos in those two books as well, though both Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles are more 2300AD-like in their tech assumptions.