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Barbarian Multi-Class


Just a thought:

Why can't other classes multi-class IN to barbarian?

Example 1
A character who has say two terms in scout multi-classes into barbarian for a term. The reasoning, the character crashed on a hostile, primitive world for four-years, went native then rescued (at end of term).

Example 2
Scout character assigned to primitive world, adopts customs, goes native during assignment, returns to scouts at the end of his term(s).

Something like this could be used for almost any of the classes to multi-class IN to barbarian. Besides "the logic" of it, is there any other reason for not letting characters multi-class IN to barbarian?

The thing that makes a barbarian a 'BARBARIAN' by definition is his roots in a non technical society AND his ignorance of Common intersteller tech.

That's why she has a negative to performing certain tasks. and also has the special Technosavvy skill to offset this negative.

Barbarians become EX - barbarians if their technosavvy gets too high or if they multiclass too far into another class.

By these very CORE definitions its very hard to create a barbarian who didn't START as a barbarian.

oh and don't forget that starting Barbs are age 14 instead of 18.