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Banning Political Discussions in Random Static?

Banning Political Discussions in Random Static?

  • Keep the political discussions but remove them from appearing in the Today's Topics list

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By Badbru:
As I see it the problem lies not so much with the political discussion but rather the degeneration into personal attacks. I believe you have laid out a policy regarding those as a general practice and merely need to start enforcing it with short term bans, say a week per offence with a personal email sent to the offender saying something like; for this post dated xx/xx/xxxx you have been temporarily suspended from the CotI site.
Freedom of speach is a valued commodity and current real world politics often serve as examples or descriptive tools for Canon Traveller debates on historicals traveller events. Politics and goverments are of great concern to Traveller. Why else the Government type code in the uwp?


personally, I like this solution.

If someone comes into my house at a party, and we discuss politics, all well. If that person becomes rude, I kick him out for his misbehavior, but I don't stop the party.

Random Static has its place, and it's Hunter's house, people. He has thus far been a gentle host...perhaps too gentle. Bad manners should have consequences; flame or become uncivil...OUT! SEE YA!

the problems haven't been the topics, polarized and heartfelt as they may be, invariably its the work of a few posters. I think its as simple as this:

Generally speaking, if you can't debate civilly, keep your fingers off the keyboard.If you do debate, do so with the respect to others you demand you recieve. If you do not, I sincerely hope Hunter DOES ban these miscreants - and good riddance. Short term bans are a great idea, as well, they get the point across and serve the purpose.

Keep Random Static, it has its place. But please discipline those who abuse it as well.
people can say whatever they like in random static , if you don't wish to , don't get involved or don't read it .

BUT absolutely ban politics from everywhere else .

The problem with banning politics from the main parts of the board is that politics are INTIMATLY tied to the discussion of many issues. (imperial and none imperial governments, taxes, navies control or lack of control of colonization, tech level, imports, exports, reasons for differences in star ports or a number of other topics ARE political discussions, and the only frame of reference we have is our interpretations of real worlds politics to project from.)

Anyway, every body knows by now how I feel, so


Mr tek

Jim Roker
mr tek -
i have no problem with references to politics (in the imperium) from an academic point of view - i.e. where the writer is trying their best to remove their personal bias , and open to others pointing out when they are less than perfect at this . when people start trying to fight their corner , they should do so in a separate place so those who just want to talk traveller don't have to read it .

now..... where's them ducks ?
My thanks to everyone. I've gone ahead and opened a new private forum for political disucssions, the Political Pulpit. There are stickied threads on this in both Random Static and the Lonestar forums. See them for details.

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