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Banning Political Discussions in Random Static?

Banning Political Discussions in Random Static?

  • Keep the political discussions but remove them from appearing in the Today's Topics list

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There have been some problems with insults and personal attacks as part of the discussion of politics in the Random Static forum. Some have suggested that banning such discussions would be the best solution. So....

Should the discussions of politics be banned from the Random Static forum (and thus from CotI altogether?)
I note the first option is, "Yes all political discussion should be banned."

The second option is, "No political discussions should be allowed."

Is there a difference between these two options?

That should be

"No, political discussions should be allowed"

Sorry about that!

For the record, I voted "No, political discussions should be allowed" because:

Banning seems unlikely to work, unless you start banning the participants. Besides I prefer freedom of speech to censorship.

Keeping it but off the radar seems like a lot of work and also rather ineffective.

Better to follow Hunter's example and just avoid participating in the lowest form of it. Or as I'd prefer, keep debating, but do it civilly. If you can't then leave it alone. And if it's off topic then open a new thread in Random Static. So simple.
Obviously, I voted that they should be banned.


A) Well, they don't really serve a purpose, do they. It's always the same arguments, and it's quite clear that none of the participants' are going to be persuaded by the other side - and they only serve to piss people off anyway. So I think it's better if nobody starts them in the first place (or they aren't allowed to grow into flamewars as they usually do), because people do have such strong opinions on these matters. As it is, I think it's too hot a topic anyway for reasons raised in (C) below.

B) Why should people be allowed to talk about it here anyway? There's plenty of other public forums that they could go to in order to "discuss" these things. Most of us probably come to talk about Traveller or things that are related to it anyway, so how is politics relevant to that?

C) If we weren't aware of eachothers' political views - especially in today's climate where people are VERY polarised - we'd probably get on a darn sight better with eachother
. I have been told and I know from experience that people lose a lot more respect for eachother because of their politics than over anything else.

IMO etc.
Besides I prefer freedom of speech to censorship.
it's hunter's board (least, I presume it's hunters), so he can ban anything or anyone he wants and it isn't censorship.

a thousand dollars a month to run coti? and what, one fourth of the posts are in random static?
Originally posted by flykiller:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Besides I prefer freedom of speech to censorship.
it's hunter's board (least, I presume it's hunters), so he can ban anything or anyone he wants and it isn't censorship.</font>[/QUOTE]This is quite true, but then again I consider myself an enlightened dictator and am interested in what the community is thinking. ;) If folks think that it should be banned as a topic, I have to give that some real consideration.

a thousand dollars a month to run coti? and what, one fourth of the posts are in random static?
Actually about 15% of the total posts not counting the private and playtest forums. While not a quarter of the total, it does show me that the Random Static forum has a very valid function for this community.

Also we are not talking about removing that forum, just banning political topics from discussion.

Much as I get pissed at what people say when they don't agree with me, many Americans have died to allow free speech for all. Including the assholes(and you know who you are). That's what I think, I didh't even mention which side of the great divide I'm on.
Well, I'm not sure I should even vote as I don't go into Random static any more (haven't for months). Of course, the reason I don't go in there any more is the volume of political threads and the tone of them (or at least as it was when I stopped going in). You might want to make a seperate "real world issues" or a "politics" section, so the other, non-Traveller but still non-political posting can continue in Random Static and political postings have their own place.

Personally, I come here to enjoy Traveller and leave my politics at the door. When I want political debate, I go to a politics site.

Just my thoughts...
I know that the SJGames made a "politics" board for their online (Pyramid) chatter community to divert those topics to. As far as I know, it worked quite well.
I can easily set up a seperate politics forum, but will that really fix the problem?

for me all politics discussion are rants, but they need to be made with a flag to say "attention politics rants here".

btw politics are important in game like traveller, then we need it to see the wrongness of politics (i want to call it mauvaise foi but i dont know if you know this terme).
As I see it the problem lies not so much with the political discussion but rather the degeneration into personal attacks. I believe you have laid out a policy regarding those as a general practice and merely need to start enforcing it with short term bans, say a week per offence with a personal email sent to the offender saying something like; for this post dated xx/xx/xxxx you have been temporarily suspended from the CotI site.
Freedom of speach is a valued commodity and current real world politics often serve as examples or descriptive tools for Canon Traveller debates on historicals traveller events. Politics and goverments are of great concern to Traveller. Why else the Government type code in the uwp?
If there are problems with insults and personal attacks as part of the discussion of politics, the insults and attacks should be banned, not the discussion of politics.

For all the flaming and bombast that occur during some of these discussions, I believe that political debate among the people is extremely important. There should be much, much more of it, not less. The greatest potential impact of the internet is the opportunity for widespread, free communication and debate among people.

Not ⌧, as many would insist.
I say keep them - it allows people to blow off steam if they are annoyed and not go out and kick the dog...

BUT when they get nasty and insulting - the moderator or Hunter should end them and delete them off the board.
The insults and nastiness go both ways though. It may not be OK to call people stupid or idiots (which I have done out of frustration), but it sure as hell can't be OK to call people "antisemitic" or "terrorist supporters" (which I have been called) when they're quite clearly not. Those are far more serious and personally offensive insults than merely calling someone an "idiot" because they don't listen to what you say - and those were coming from the other side, not me.

It's not OK to insult people, you're right. Sometimes I lapse out of frustration, but at least I apologise for it - but I'm not the only one doing it, and so far nobody on the other side of the argument has had the balls to apologise for the far worse insults they've thrown at me.

If the nastiness is to stop, it has to stop on both sides.
I must be missing something...

I know that I made a comment out of frustration with events in the real world that spilled on to the board here. I also know that it generated some pretty raw responses. I knew I was going to get some people riled, but I was tired of people ignoring reality and history to praise someone who clearly was not worthy. (I do NOT want to engage anyone here on this discussion, I have a great deal of evidence to support my arguments, no body is going to pay attention to that evidence, and people will take deep offence, so do not try to respond on this issue please.)

But, I have not seen people insulting each other to the extent that is being discussed here.

When it is a becoming a joke across the net, in virtually every message forum out there, that anyone that invokes Hitler images or calls someone a Nazi has lost the debate, the posts I have seen here have been remarkably civil.

People still need to acknowledge my point on the COTI issues thread. No matter how much people are bothered, IF YOU BAN ENOUGH PEOPLE, OR MODERATE POSTS ENOUGH to prevent the flame wars, over the top insults and all, you either end up with a board so restricted, no one wants to bother posting, or you shut down the board.

I am sorry, but in 40 years people being connected by computer, be it message boards, blogs, email, live chats, or what have you, NOBODY HAS EVER SOLVED THIS ISSUE, but many have given up and shut down the communications channels.

I will admit, I can get very irritated when people don't see my points, and it seems like they miss them because they just don't want to acknowledge a different point of view. I made a very strong effort to stop before the insults start. I have to allow each of you to decide for yourselves how successful I am. The point is though that these things generate the levels of passion and frustration that cause people to start the insults, and THERE IS NO KNOWN WAY TO STOP THAT, without such heavy handed measures that the cure is ALMOST as BAD as the disease.

This is the overriding point. YOU WILL NOT STOP PEOPLE FROM HURLING THE INSULTS. So, you learn to live with them. Maybe you learn that the worst offenders are simply people you will no longer pay attention to, or at least, heavily discount what they have to say, but the only way to STOP them is to go away. The world would be a much more pleasant place if people did not get so worked up, or held themselves to only letting their passions flair without crossing the lines. I don’t know, however that I want to live in a world where discussions are sterile enough for that to happen, and I certainly would not find any topics that could be discussed in that manor hear interesting enough to keep posting myself.

I guess I will follow the discussion, but in these two or three posts, I have pretty must said every thing I have to say, so I likely won’t post any thing else. I just don’t see a solution that does more harm than good, I just do not see a problem of the magnitude that I have seen on other boards.

(I am on a local board for my CHURCH. There are maybe 20 folks that post regularly, and hundred or so that follow the board. One of the members is talking about his efforts to set up a community event. An other member questions every effort he makes. He is looking at the wrong locations, she just knows that the answers he gets from the city on insurance and rates for facilities are wrong, and on every other issue, he is wrong, and she is right. He says Okay, you get the information and a reliable source that I can talk to. Her response is invariable, that’s not my job, your information is wrong, and you can’t do your job. After three months of this, and people taking sides in the argument, the only solution is people ignore her comments. Such out of place comments can not be stopped, on a board of people that see each other face to face, and such insults are out side what we believe is not honorable with in our faith. If comments on that forum cannot be stopped then some discussions on topics that are germane to the REASON we come to this board in the first place, that get a little heated just don’t seem to me to be much of a problem)

Anyway, I hope I have not insulted anyone here, and these are just my opinions, but they are also my experiences over a number of years, and literally hundreds if not thousands of threads, across hundreds of forums. These have ranged from my religion, to political boards, to game boards, to general chat boards, arts and crafts, and many other topics.

Thanks for listening

Jim Roker
Also I am against a separate politics board - that would make Random Static a lame joke, film/tv review and Coffee Juice board, which would be kind of dumb...
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