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Assisstance Required

Hi all,

I am working on a project for my currently running gaming sessions.

So far, I have been able to run the campain without any star maps.

Now, the players want to go for a 'walkabout' and see the stars....

Thus, my need for assistance.

I am producing a series of 3D star charts, using the 77,000+ stars within 1000 light years of earth.

I am automating the mapping process, using Freepascal, Firebird and CC2pro.

The mapping layout is based upon a hex grid....


Let me go into a few details.

I have taken a standard J6 hex grid (13 hexes across at it's widest point), put a oblique translation on it to give it a 3d feel

(for those who do not know the difference between oblique, isometric and perspective look at Math References

I then drew a bounding cube around the new grid and did some demo star placement.

I have lines coming up from the what appears to be the centre of the hex below the star.
In the hex, I have the grid position, starport type, world symbol, base symbols etc., but they are not in oblique format so they look wrong.

I am right now concerning myself with the code of the project and I have not had time to create alot of art. (I am not an artist in any way)

The eventual idea is that you specify the grid style, angle, scale (ly or parsec) as well as the area you want to map and it will generate all of the stuff for you in pdf format.

As this is intended to be a open source project, I am attempting to use all open source tools.

Other than CC2pro, all other tools are opensource.

Stuff I need

1.) website to hold the materials as they develop. As I will be busy creating this stuff, I need a volunteer to find a free hosting site, and generate some very simple details about the project.

2.) graphics - I need a nice picture of different types of suns, of all spectrum, singly, binary, trinary and cluster formats. The picture should look good on bluish/black.
I also need all the standard traveller symbols altered to look oblique.

3.) volunteers - I am going to be playing with the math to generate these pretty pictures, so I need people to play with the graphics and such to give me a target to code for. Creative/artistic people are sorely needed for this. I want the pictures to look "COOL/SEXY" and that is a layout/creative thing witch is out of my modest ability.

The end result will be a program that runs on windows/mac/linux and that generates maps in multiple 3d formats. The program will be opensource so if you are volunteering, remember everything you contribute is also licenced under the GPL.

If you have questions, post it in this thread.

If you want to volunteer, PM me and we can coordinate.

best regards