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Anyone run T20 at a con?


Just wondering. I was planning on writing a pick-up scenario to run at GenCon Indy and at the ENWorld DC game day.

If you have run con games before, what approach did you take? Did you write out the whole thing EPIC fasion? (The MT cinematic nugget format always made more sense to me.)

I am planning on writing up a scad of potential PCs, with a few extras to give players a little choice and provide for backups for those who aren't cognizant of how much more deadly T20 is than D&D. ;)

I am also planning on running it as a starship crew. Ever run into any troublemakers who make a mockery of this sort of automnity?
I've run three T20 scenarios at GenCon Indy last year, and have two more planned for this year. I've also run at a number of local Cons.

For PCs, I've created a standard crew around which I base my adventures.

I typically write-out my adventures in an expanded outline format. If I decide to develop them for publication, I turn that into an EPIC format later. But to run the game, all I need is my page or two of notes and some stat blocks on my end.

I look forward to your game, and hope that I can join in it at GenCon Indy this year,
I too have run T20 at genconIndy, But I used an already in print adventure "Cold Fuzion", and Sharleigh, Myself, and Mark Siefert worked up the four characters in it. The rest of the NPC's I ad from an online campaign, and simpy changed names & the ship's name.

Alas, Psion, I shall not be there this year. Flynn is a top notch GM, and excellent player. Best of Luck!

I've run adventures at a couple of EN World game days, and I basically just created an outline of an adventure with some NPC stats.

As for PCs, I had a full crew for a starship and let them choose their characters. I had eight characters, but never had that many players, so I had some extras to use as NPCs aiding the players, and which a player could take over if his character was killed.

I'm planning to be at GenCon, and I'm already signed up to play in Flynn's two games. It would be great if I could fit your game into my schedule as well.
Flynn's two games? Are these formal or pickup (if I was a betting man, I am betting any formal game is beyond even trying to get into...)

As for getting together: We have an ENnies booth in the exhibitor room. I don't know when and how long I'll be there (actually trying to game this year!), but it might serve as a rallying point and I might be able to leave a sign up list or time and place.

If nothing else, tell me when you CAN'T make it and I'll try to plan my pick-up games around that. I was also trying to plan Grim Tales and Second World d20 modern/dnd. The ennies judges have a hotel room in an adjacent hotel; we can use that if the pickup area is as poor as it was last year.
Yep, Flynn's two games are formal games (Friday night and Saturday night). They are probably full already, but you might be able to show up with a generic ticket.

Psion, if you wouldn't mind scheduling your game so that I can still run the ones I'm doing as a formal game, I'd love to be put on your list of candidates for your game.

My games run Friday 7pm-1am (T20) and Saturday 2pm-6pm (D&D) and 7pm-1am (T20). So anytime Thursday afternoon/evening, Friday afternoon or Saturday morning would be fantastic!

Hope I make the cut,
Originally posted by Psion:
Wow. Isn't Cold Fuzion a bit long to run as a con game?
Pacing, and good players, Psion!
;) . Actually had to finish the adventure the following two weekends online.
Well, Friday night is the ENnies, so I'll be on stage for that, anyways.

Friday afternoon or saturday morning might work out for me. Thursday night's a possibility, but I will just be getting into town and might want to hang with some buds there for a bit.

Edit: Yup, checking the GenCon page, I did notice that two T20 games are sold out. Someone let me know how this works: if someone can't make it who is registered, could I get in with a generic tix?

I noticed that someone who lives here is running one of the GURPS Traveller sessions. Heretic! ;)
If you're at the table with general tickets and people who've actually purchased tickets for the game do not show, I can let you in. However, it is a gamble, as everyone may show up.

Truth be told, though, I almost always have a seat open for general ticket holders.

Okay, I'm firming up my schedule a bit.

I probably won't be settled into my room unti 4 thurs, and will probably leave too early sunday to consider gaming then. Friday night is ennies, Saturday night I'll try to horn in on Flynn's game.

That leaves me with 3 potential 4-5 hour blocks:

Thursday 4-whenever
Friday 2-8 or so
Saturday 2-7 or so

I have one player who wants to play Saturday already.

So it sounds like the Thursday 4-whenever slot is our best bet.

I know I'd prefer Friday afternoons, if possible, as I was hoping to hit the block party on Thursday night. (Supposed to be free food, drink and give-aways, which appeals to the Cheap Gamer(tm) inside of me.)

However, if Thursday afternoon appears to be when you'd like to game, I'm all over that, too, as I enjoy T20 a lot and am looking forward to your game.

Ten days and counting,
Er, for some reason I thought you were blocked out Friday. Okay, Friday it is!

We'll have to arrange a meeting location. The ennies booth (which will be outside the exhibitors hall) sounds like the most likely location; I'll be there 'till 2 or so on Friday.
Flynn is running a T20 game at 7 (I think that it's 7. Or is it 6?).

I'll probably be game for a game at 2 (until 6) also if there is room.

Game's at 7, but I can't horn in on that one (Ennies...)

So we'll shoot for 2:30 to 6:30. I'm trying to include some of each major activity in traveller to familiarize newcomers (investigation/problem solving, trade, personal combat, space combat.) I might also include a few of my takes on GtD topics (like my take on the wanderers, Free and Holy Federation, etc.) to delight and give ideas to other T20 GMs. ;)
I have True Dungeon Friday morning, and I'm running games Friday night (7PM-1AM), Saturday afternoon (D&D, 2PM-6PM) and Saturday evening (7PM-1AM). I have some seminars that would be cool to see, but I'd enjoy playing T20 a lot more. Friday afternoon is wide open for ya...

Looking forward to it,

BTW, meeting at the ENnies booth at 2pm sounds like a plan.
Posted this over on Lone Star, but I thought I'd repeat it here:

I'll be at the ENnies booth (which will be outside the convention hall, probably not far from the infamous "Klingon Jail") friday and saturday from 12-2. The games are tenatively scheduled from 2:30 to 6:30 Friday and Saturday. That should give you folks with games on those nights half an hour to grab food on the way to your next game. Sorry, my watch keeps me from taking it sooner.

Please feel free to sign up or "express interest" in either slot, but please come by and confirm at the ENnies booth beforehand and so we can gather to find a location (if the open gaming area is as pathetic as it was last year, it will be in my hotel room across the street)

Of the two games, Friday is firmer. Saturday is being driven by my fellow Ennies judges.

Friday Game
1. Flynn
2. Ron Vutpakdi (?)
3-6 empty

Saturday Game
1. Teflon Billy
2-6 empty
Not being within casual range of GenCon Indy, I've been known to run at the local SF Bay Area cons. I'll be running a bit of T20 this coming weekend at ConQuest in Burlingame.

That's con-quest.com for those interested...