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T20 at GenCon Indy 2004


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Good morning, All,

This is just a simple Public Service Announcement for GenCon Indy 2004. It's now time for gamemasters to start submitting those gaming events to the schedule, and I am no exception. Of the three games I'm running at the Con, two of them are T20 Adventures.
After rereading the responses from last year's events, I'm very excited about the potential for meeting even more of the COTI board members there, and running (and playing) a little T20.

Below are the basic descriptions of the events I'm intending to run, for those who are interested in attending.

Looking forward to it,
Bearer of T20 to GenCon Indy 2003, and now 2004!

* * * * *

* T20 Adventures: Research Station Zulu
The crew of a merchant vessel receive a distress call from an isolated research station in a backwater system. Imperial law requires that the crew respond and provide emergency aid to the researchers. But help them with what? Scenario uses the Traveller T20 rules system; characters provided by the Referee.

Requested a Friday evening slot, from 7pm - 1am

* T20 Adventures: Never Enough Shore Leave

There's never enough shore leave for the crew of the ISS Murphy's Law, when a stopover on a backwater world puts the crew in the middle of a war between the locals and invaders from outer space. Scenario uses the Traveller T20 rules system; characters provided by the Referee.

Requested a Saturday evening slot, from 7pm - 1am
I've heard that indiana is good, it couldn't get worse than the last two years in wisconsin. I've never saw so many video and weapon booth. I don't mind a couple but when close to half were that to many. They take up the room for games or stores with there goods. I think alot of companies were just waiting for indi

Personally, I thought Indy was a lot larger, with more than enough room for the Convention. The layout was very good, and the Dealer's Room was fantastic. It was huge! The hotels are closer and there was more room for the con-goers. I personally had a blast there!

Otherwise, the gaming experience was still great, True Dungeon was fantastic, and I had a blast hanging out there with friends. I don't mind Milwaukee, but I had a great time at Indy, and feel it is better suited to handle a Con of this size.

My best piece of advice, of course, is to Preregister. That's the single best thing you can do to avoid the lines and everything. Preregistration starts February 16th.

This year's GenCon Indy will be held August 19-22, and information can be found at their website:


Hope this helps,
GenCon '03 was very good. The location is definately better suited to for the event. There are a lot more hotels within walking distance.
A lot more parking for those who are driving. More places to eat, withing walking distance.
The Red Garter (say no more)
Several outside fountains, perfect for soaking sore feet.

I just couldn't find a place close enough to get donuts.
Trouble is, I may to have to pass on GenCon this year. A) Things are going to be financially tight since I still haven't found a job, B) even if I had the money I'm not looking forward to making travel arrangements to Indiana. Things were SOOOO much eaiser when Gen Con was in Milwaukee.
I understand. Of the seven gamers I know that regularly go to GenCon, the economy has forced two of them to bow out now, and we're not certain about two more.

Still, I myself am making every effort to go, because I really enjoy myself and it's my only vacation every year. If, however, life changes things for me, I'll choose necessities over luxuries, and stay home. Right now, though, I have the capacity, and want to share the possibilities with others.

What I'm really hoping for is that other people will run T20 events at GenCon, too, so that I can both run and play. Even if it's an informal get-together Thursday evening or some afternoon, whenever, I'd love to meet some more T20 gamers and play.

Back to work,
Originally posted by Mark A. Siefert:
Trouble is, I may to have to pass on GenCon this year. A) Things are going to be financially tight since I still haven't found a job, B) even if I had the money I'm not looking forward to making travel arrangements to Indiana. Things were SOOOO much eaiser when Gen Con was in Milwaukee.
Really? Things are going to be easier for me as I live within 100 miles of Columbus (ohio). :D
Still no job, so still no money, so still no go.

Curse you, you mangy fleabitten refuse-to-employers!
Hey Flynn...
Why not play one of the QLI adventures? Stoner Express or <whatever the other one said>...I'm sure Hunter & Co. would love some exposure...

But more importantly...

Good afternoon, All,

Pre-registration for badges to attend GenCon Indy 2004 began a little over an hour ago. To get your badge, head over to www.gencon.com and sign in.

GenCon Indy 2004 will be held in Indianapolis, IN, over August 19-22, 2004. I suggest showing up a day early and start gaming before all the stuff starts. ;)

Pre-registration for games starts May 7th. My two T20 games are scheduled for Friday night 7pm-1am and Saturday night 7pm-1am. They will be scenarios of my own creation, and not published QLI adventures, which typically take longer than six hours to complete.

If anyone else is going to run any T20 scenarios, I would greatly appreciate it if you posted something here, so that I could keep it in mind when I'm signing up for games later on.

Thanks, everyone,
Bearer of T20 to GenCon 2003, and now 2004
I'll try and sign up. I'm unemployed now too. Hopefully something will come up soon.

I went to GenCon 2001 this will be my 2nd. I had a blast at the one in Milwaukee in '01.
This will be my 2nd time.

I will be hopeful for you, then. If you can make it, we'd love to see you at the table. Best of luck!

Well, while I can speak highly of Flynn's ability to run a great game, I wont be able to make the trek from Georgia north to Indy.

Have a great game though!

I am planning on being there. I have pre-registered, and I have a room reservation. When the schedule goes up, T20 is the first thing I'm signing up for.
Arrgghhh! Now you all have me scheming about how I can finesse a trip. Maybe I can convince my wife that I'm having an early mid-life crisis. ;)

Shade1970, you will be missed, my friend. I was looking forward to seeing you there again. :(

I am excited to hear that you'll be making it, Paraquat, and I'm hopeful that Ron's wife will buy the mid-life crisis story.

It's looking like we'll be having a great time at the gaming table at GenCon this year. (Last year's excitement will be hard to beat, but we'll definitely try.)

Thanks, All,

BTW, if anyone else is going to run some T20 there, please let me know, as I'd like to play a little myself, too.
Well, there's always next year. I'm hoping that when I do get there next year I'll be able to show up with a group.

If nothing else, I'll need my wife so she can bring me tea at opportune moments

That would be very cool, John. I'll be lucking forward to it.

I'm already very excited about GenCon 2004, and now people are getting me all pumped for 2005 as well.
Lots of people to see, and games to run!

In a moment of weakness (or at least indulgence), my wife actually okayed a trip to GenCon! Yes, she did agree that I must be having an early midlife crisis, and she is probably going to be very vague about me going to some "nerd convention or conference" out of embarrassment, but hey, I'm now going to GenCon. :D

Woohoo! I've got my badge, hotel, and airline resevations in. Woohoo! :D