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About low gravity and being encumbered


I just did read the post about the cover / concealment of one running with a corpse on his shoulder while opponents fire at him. Someone noted that for running while caarying a corpse he must either be really strong or have some movement penalty.

This brought to my mind another problem I hadn't think of before:

Characters without the appropriate feat (zero-low-G-adaptation) suffer a penalty in low gravity environment. But what if they are carrying much weight at the same time? (Say, running with a corpse or two on the shoulders?)

How would you treat this? Complicated calculation based on the gravity value?

Simple calculation. Take the weight (in pounds) the character can carry (from the strength chart) and divide it by the strength of gravity (in Gs) to get their new encumbrance values. Then use the normal encumbrance penaties.
But encumbrence deals with mass as well as weight. While in a low gravity feild you may be able to pick up 400 lbs, but if you try to actually move it, you will find it is just as big a problem as it ever was.
Even in 0g the weight (mass) is still going to be ruff, If the load is enough to put you into encumbered in 1g then you will still be encumbered at 0g.
You are still trying to dodge with 400pd on your sholder or stop 400pd from carrying you into that wall, if your in 0g your probably flying (zero g maneuvers) and your poor legs are still going to have to stop 400pd weight when you hit the wall.