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Yet another starmap


Further to the 2D or 3D discussion(s) of how to map space, even though MM did state in White Dwarf back in the 80's that it was simply a convention for ease of play, I use a system first proposed by Paul Vernon in Imagine magazine in 1984. Basically, expand each hex to 5 parsecs across, but still call it Jump-1. Now, a hex can be expanded and will be seen to contain 19 smaller hexes. This gives plenty of room for secret Zhodani bases, black holes, novas etc. Each smaller hex is still Jump-1 apart, but each 'large' hex is also Jump-1. This also allows a better system for misjumps, eg; let's say a ship misjumps from Roup to Feri. Normally, this would have it skittering off down towards Mora or something. Under this system you can have it drifting round an uncharted system in hex 0406. Thus, a rescue/salvage mission is more feasible.
This does not detract from routes like the Spinward Main, but just gives some flexibility. Also, you don't need to expand every hex, just do 2-3 and assign them as needed.
Paul's article went on to say more about the types of systems etc. and how to generate them, and he based a lot of his work on some articles that appeared in White Dwarf.