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Will this put the Modular Cutter out of work?

This New York Times Article discusses a plausible space elevator.

web page

Or Here

Oooooooooh, space elevator (gargle)......

Cheap, easy and fast. But we still need ships to leave it.

Didn't that pair of anime films, the Armitage series, have one?
I don't think that space elevators/beanstalks would put modular cutters and shuttles out of work. The elevators would take some time/resources/funds to construct and maintain. From a strategic perspective, they also make a dandy target for attackers or terrorists.

Major core worlds probably have them, but I'd imagine that most worlds would still find lots of work for various small craft.

Contra grav, thrusters, antigrav, and all that stuff make it so cheap to put things into and out of orbit that beanstalks are not going to be economically feasible. Until those things are invented, however, a beanstalk beats the crap out of anything we have today.