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Why would you need one?

Yeah the maadi-griffin pistols are just plain scary.

One step away from reinforcing a flare gun to fire 10-gauge shells.

Not terribly efficient in its own right either, the .50BMG round wants a long barrel to reach peak velocity/accuracy. Even the shorter rifles aren't really using the rounds full capabilities.

In fact a 48" barrel is still not at the maximum velocity for the round according to this .50 BMG barrel length article
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That's just a waste of useful funds to produce something like this. The only people that would be afraid of this are civilians without weapons knowledge, people shot by it, and the people standing close to the people that were shot.

But, if this weapon is produced by the appropriate TL in the OTU or YTU, then wouldn't those worlds have the know-how to manipulate the mechanics and/or ammo for better efficiency? We are talking about some worlds with nanotech and/or smart weapons, are we not?

Need more caffeine...
The munchkin testing range. Tl-15

.50 Nuke shell