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Who are you?


Totally different then the question, "who are you?" What PC do you choose to play in Traveller?

Is it similar to the one you might play in a D&D game? Is it opposite to your real-life job? Is the character used to explore a different mind set (example: a thief using stealth and guile instead of the warrior's brute strength) to "win" the game?

I only ask because in the games I play I usually pick a rogue or thief because it allows me to act out the "dark side", opposite of my real-life job. I'd like to pick the paladin-type with strength, lawful good orientation, etc. but
I really need to try "the other side" once in awhile. Just like coming home, booting up Jagged Alliance 2 and killing something; it can be rather theraputic!
I'd be in the Navy, Marines, Scout service, or a merc, merchant or traveller. My favorite kind of character would be a wealthy traveller, mainly 'cause that's what I'd like do to with my real life :D .
Favorite character type, hmmm...

Scouts would be first, either Field or Bureaucracy types, then Belter/Prospectors, then either Merchants or COACC Personel.

Is it similar to the one you might play in a D&D game?
Its been awhile since I messed with D&D; if we go by the original AD&D, I would've been playing Rangers, Elves, or Samurai. I guess the Rangers would sort of be similar to Scouts.

Is it opposite to your real-life job?
My real life job is a tax preparer, so in some ways it is different. There are also some similarities/familarities. I'm an Air Force brat, so I enjoy playing COACC types. Scout Bureaucrats and Merchants are similar to my past experience [used to work at Wal-mart]. I guess the field scout and the belter/prospector are very different from my real life career, though I did get a chance to do some prospecting down at Crater of Diamonds State Park. I unfortunatly did not find a MCr10 Diamond deposit :(

I haven't played any bureaucrats; on the other hand I haven't played any Vargr Corsair Captains, so I guess I'm just in the similar but different group.
My play careers are all opposite my real career, which is none. :mad:

I usually play one of two types of characters. One is a stealthy, intrusion specialist or ninja-type character. The other is a flamboyant, entertainer-type character with good people skills.

Both are based on aspects of my personality, but neither are completely like me. And none are like my real-life job, which is journalist. My friends keep suggesting I should play a journalist in Traveller, but I'd rather play something different from what I do for a living.

I also frequently play female characters, which is a good challenge.
While I haven't played Traveller for a long time, my preferred characters are Merchants, Scouts or Professional types. This isn't too far from what I'm like as is, IMO.
I try to play as many character types as I can, but the ones I end up enjoy the most are similar to me.

I am an academic scientist and in D&D my favorite characters are always the studious wizards. In Traveller it's the hypereducated engineer or academic. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I actually enjoy what I do IRL. I know, I'm strange like that...
Hello together,

In real life I'm a software-developer, who used to be a psychologist.

My Alter Egos usually are of the 'Nobleman'-type, so Nobles, Knights, Paladins, responsible members of society, which helps me to express high moralic values (what does that say about my RL?

On the other hand, I also like to play Rebels, Rogues and Thieves, but more the 'Robin Hood'-type, channeling my demands for independence.

Have a nice day,
Aldan Romar
In real life i'm a lawyer and tend to play nobles/diplomats - the reason is 1) I like to play the weedy dapper gent next to all the Impish marines and army boys 2) I like to tell the said muscles boys in a firefight 'Look chaps I don't mind shooting K'Kree, but I don't want to damage my antique Winchester, it just won't do, don't you know!'
So Elliot, you're a lawyer, huh? :D

I'm a law enforcement officer. I work with the FBI task force, investigating bank robbery, bomb threats, terrorist threats, extortion, kidnapping, burglaries, fires (had one this morning in fact), etc.

As earlier posted, I like to play the thief or rogue so I can look at life from the other side. Makes it very interesting!
Well time to come into the light....

I have been playing Traveller since 1977, in most of its versions. I have been a roleplayer since late 1974 early 1975, yes the three DnD books and Chainmail. Before that I was military board gamer and pushed micro armor. I used to have a complete Swedish armoured company with the Art Bats.

I prefer MegaTraveller, I am trying to decide which verison to run an adventure in T20 or GT. The pisonics in T20 as they are right now are not to my tastes.

I am "Lunker"(as in the term for a Bass) on the TML been there since the early 90's, been in many a flamefest back then.

I served 6 years in the USN as Surface Missile Firecontrolman. Ie I shot missiles at things and persons. :cool:

Right now I repair medical equiptment, from MRI to temp probes. It work I enjoy I have done it for over 12 years.

I like to play roguish types with the unusual thrown in.

Now back away from the light.....
Yes! Another person who discovered D&D in the back of their CHAINMAIL rule book!

Started with a boardgame (AH's D-DAY) in junior high, collected a pot load of original SPI games and such, including the original Traveller material. Collected miniatures to wargame with and then started playing games on the computer (Questron on my Atari 800). Was in the Marines and served in Vietnam in '69 - '70. Have been gaming in several periods ever since.

Sci-fi is my favorite venue and was surprised as all heck several weeks ago to find that Traveller had risen again. I even still have all the original paperback novels with Dumarest (was that his name? gotta dig those out! :D ) one of the first interstellar travellers to go planet-to-planet using low passage as he sought the planet of his birth (long lost Earth) and was pursued by some bad faction because of some knowledge he had. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
In the CT dayz, I tended to play Scouts, predominately (and not the bureaucratic types, the field guys!). Or Marine Pilots (CAS guys).

I digressed in to SPecOps guys in the MT dayz. "Salvagers" and ne'er do well Free Traders in TNE...
In the RW,/ RL, I've held many jobs since I was 16, and am now a part time soldier (Infantry) :cool: ;) ; In the SCA I'm a bard, a mercenary, a brewer, and a merchant. Go figure!
My favorite characters are Scouts, of course.

My alter ego in the Traveller Universe is Sir Dameon Toth. Homeworld Regina. Bachelor's of Science from the Jumpspace Institute. Three terms as a Scout Navigator - Detached with a Scout/Courier (Communications, Survey, and Exploration), 1 term as Agent (Private Investigator), 1 term as Entertainer (lead singer in a band), 1 term as Psionicist, 1 term as Noble (Knight of the order of the StarRise). 3 terms he used anagathics, so the character may be 50 years old, but apparent age is 38. His weapon of choice is a variable-velocity gauss staple pistol (basically an ultra-tech crossbow, if you've never read the stats) - that I adapted some of the neat little arrows Hawkeye of the Marvel Comics used to fight crime with for the pistol. He is usually found with an extremely beautiful and intelligent but enigmatic woman (who is actually a modified android) and a small scout robot. Dameon is currently traveling in search of adventure and excitement and to see the Wonders of the Galaxy, occasionally doing side jobs to get some extra money.

In real-life, I'm an ex-Navy, currently unemployed computer tech, who likes to watch the Discovery Channel too much.
: ^ )