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What Rules do you _really_ use?

When we played Traveller the most (back in the late 80's) we tried all the systems available- well, CT and MT. But in the end, we used a cross between Twilight 2000 and a generalized percentage system for skills. We spend a couple of months designing something called Traveller Plus before MT came out, and we adapted MT into our own house system, too.

We kept all the UPP info, kept the stats the same but changed skills and combat rules. It ended up being more like CoC I think.
Stocking up the campfire a bit...

Rules I use
or wish I could use...

Chargen: MT, either regular or enhanced.
Basically a souped up version of what CT used.

Personal Combat: either book 1/4, or MT, depending on mood.

Mass Combat:
Platoon to Battalion size:
MT Referee Companion/Striker is ok, but could be better.
Something war game-esque, like a Traveller version of AH's Panzer Blitz series,
or GDW's Team Yankee.
Battalion size and up:
Invasion Earth/Fifth Frontier War

Starship Combat: Mayday w/High Guard for small groups of ships;
abstracted Imperium/Dark Nebula for quick and dirty big fights.

Starship design: High Guard, with tweaks [like TL9 J2 100dt Scouts]

Vehicle design:
I don't like any that have been made.
I would like to see something ridiculously simple to use here.
Should dove tail with the simple mass combat idea above.

Robot design:
I use book 8 grudingly; really, only because there's a program that can be used to create the bots.

On designs, et all: If its complex, it better have a usable computer program.

Trade, Commerce, passengers: Book 2/tweaks from Book 7 and GT Far Trader

World Design: Book 6. If gearheading, I will throw in GT First In, GT Starports, and the 2300 Directors Guide, to add flavoring. But Book 6 is the primary utility.

Equipment: Drawn from all over. Vaccsuits per CT [I detest bulky vaccsuits. Hey its the Far Future! Vacc suits ought to weigh 10kg or less]. Will use CT, MT, Striker, T4 Equipment guide,
even some DGP stuff.

Animals: per CT.

Encounters: per CT.

Psionics: per CT.

In all cases, I favor simple and elegant over complex gearheadiness. One of the reasons why I was never thrilled with TNE was its complexity. I could get over the house system, and I liked the variety of careers in the chargen, but when I made an attempt to design a starship with FFS and Brilliant Lances, I just gave up on it. It made my head hurt, and that just isn't good when you have Brain Cancer. :eek: Also, being an old foggy, I make it a requirement that 100dt Scout ships should be able to have a crew of one. TNE frowns on one man scout ships. CT, MT, straight GT, all allow for the one man scoutship. T20, at first glance, appears to allow for it also.

I repeat, I favor simple and elegant over complex gearheadiness.
I repeat, on designs, et all: If its complex, it better have an easy to use computer program.
I repeat, I favor 10kg or less vaccsuits and one man crewed scout ships.
Right now my group is giving T20 a test-spin.

Prior to that, we used MT rules for char gen, combat, and task resolutions. I had a home-brewed ship combat system based on Mayday and HG. Pretty much everything else was from CT.

My campaign was set in Spinward Marches / Trojan Reach, pre-rebellion. For the new one, I'm using the Linkworlds and will use the Gateway source book when it comes out.

Of course, the major thrust of my campaign will echo "Lords of Thunder"...