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Do You Use RAW Spacecraft Combat Rules?

Do You Use RAW Spacecraft Combat Rules?

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My last Traveller campaign had several one v one ship battles, I got bored with the MgT1 rules. Remembering the FASA Trek game, I had made cards for wach role on the ship (captain, engineer, etc.) with the rolls and things that each PC could do. That seemed to work OK, but I wasn't having fun as the GM.

When the campaign built up to a big pirate-fleet-vs-Aslan-ihatei-gathering, I thought about using Full Thrust, but ended up rekindling my love affair with Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks. That ended up being really simple for the players to grok, and was fun for me. The fight with 30+ small ships on each side took a whole session, and served as a great campaign-ender.
I avoid space combat so that I do not have to deal with space combat rules. If absolutely pushed to it, I would probably break out Imperium, or maybe Warp War, and use those.
Weird, I just read a OLD Space Gamer article about combining those games....

I will admit that I am 66 years old, and have been gaming since 1969. I do have my original copy of Warp War, and a couple of copies of Imperium, one of which I bought when it first came out.
My limited experience with Traveller space combat rules was a LBB2-based scenario where we were supposed to land on a planet to get away from pursuing pirates. I figured out a vector that took me directly to the planet. The ref explained that this was going to be a collision with the planet, not a landing. My subsequent attempt at maneuvering got me to miss the planet but be swung around (at almost a right angle) by its gravity.

I prefer kitbashing Traveller weapons onto Full Thrust's movement rules.
My current thought when I think of something other than a set of rules based on Mayday is something totally cinematic. meaning lots of things to zoom around and ships have speeds and what not. It looks a lot like Sid Meier's Starships video game. My main issue with that is where/how to reset the ship's speeds.