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What Now?


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Best I can reckon it, it's been 24 hours since Hunter reappeared and I haven't heard from him yet. There are a LOT of outstanding issues that need clearing up and that'll take some time but for now we can at least re-establish our working relationship. I hope to hear from Hunter shortly.

I shot him a big email this morning so I'm expecting an answer some time soon. (Hunter - if you're reading this then: 'Talk to me Dude. Really'.)

'way I see it, QLI needs to get some product out to get moving again, and I have some ready to go. Most of my stuff went out through Avenger but there's one or two pieces remaining that we could put out pretty quick... I think.
What now is that Hunter and I just spent a lot of time on the phone and I just sent the T20 players' book through to him. looks like we're back in business.
Thank goodness for that.

So when's it coming out... ;)
As soon as I can get the layout and artwork in place. A few weeks at a minimum most likely.

Originally posted by hunter:
As soon as I can get the layout and artwork in place. A few weeks at a minimum most likely.
Wow! :eek:
When you're back it's full steam ahead!

Great to see...
Not that anyone ever does... but there's no point asking me for updates about the T20 players book project. Once it leaves my hands (oh, it already did) then I'm pretty much out of the loop on this one.

I've sent the manuscript through (it's been complete a long while now) so unless Hunter wants to revise it the raw text is done.

I have other things to deal with right now... so don't call me names if I don't answer queries - I have no information and no time to tell people that individually!