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What has Marc been up to


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Just starting a thread, to find out if anyone has been in contact with Marc, lately. As we have the great updates from MJD, Hunter & co. But, we rarely get updates from Marc.

So let anyone who hears anything post their comments here...(unless Marc forbids it)
Way out of date. I had an email from him yesterday that put volume 2 like this:

"Twilight Volume 2 is in flux; I am trying to figure the best mix of contents. It's subject will be Going Home, and so it will concentrate on that set of adventures. My current table of contents is below. But I am considering removing US Army Vehicle Guide and adding another adventure, probably Urban Guerrila.

Adventure Going Home
Background Howling Wilderness
Article Weather (from Challenge 29)
Adventure Armies of the Night
Adventure Kidnapped
Adventure Allegheny Uprising
Adventure US Army Vehicle Guide
Article Pennsylvania Crude (from Challenge 49)
Article Lima Incident (from Challenge 56)
Article A Little Recon Mission (from Challenge 58)
Article A Rock In Troubled Waters (from Challenge 42)

I'll post ordering instructions on the web site soon. It will probably be $32."

So there you have the most recent info possible.

More info from Marc regarding the Twilight reprints...and if anyone can help with the Finnish translations, they may could contact directly...

Furthermore, now that you have acquired the rights to all GDW rpgs [Traveller, 2300AD & Twilight], are we likely to see an expansion of the reprints to include items from other sources such as the supplements - Operation Overlord & City of Angels, as you stated there remains a possibility. Or are you still in negociation ?

For Twilight:

We do have City of Angels and it will be included in the reprints.

I am still trying to nail down the Finnish modules, which I want to translate and include in Twilight as well.

For 2300 AD.

We have Operation Overlord and will include it in the reprints.

grumble, grumble, grumble, grumble, post edited May 6 7:34pm at least, Marc understood what I meant...
Originally posted by kafka47:
Furthermore, now that you have acquired the rights to all GDW rpgs <snip> [.]
Hum, this implies that he has say Space 1889 and Dark Conspiracy now. Space 1889 has been reprinted by Heliograph a few years ago so there's likely no need to reprint it again for a time. And according to Heliograph's Space 1889 site it was reprinted under an agreement with Frank Chadwick.

IIRC a new edition of the Soldier's Companion is being worked on :cool: with the Martian and Steampunk elements removed. (think this was on the ColonialWars list) :(

Of course the above line could also mean just all books for say Traveller, TW2K, and 2300 AD. ;)

When GDW closed, the rights to various games went back to the original designers in the company for the most part. Frank got some, Loren got some, Marc got some, etc.

As far as I am aware Marc does not have the rights to Space 1889 or Dark Conspiracy, but does have the rights to Traveller, Twilight 2000, and 2300AD among other titles.

Any more news on Atlas of the Imperium? Also, is the stuff from the Traveller Book going to be reprinted? I'm curious about the 2nd adventure in Vanegean(sic).