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Weapon design for CT?

Any suggestions on what system is best for designing weapons for CT?
Is 'Striker' the only option, or, can one of the various versions of FF&S be used?

Let's not forget the most useful and obvious (as well as simplest)... "handwavium". But honestly, though it seems like cheating, careful attention to modern examples and technologies can lead to the crafting of many a fine, balanced weapon without any "set" rules (When you try to make a plama gun designed to level small cities, THEN you can worry ;) )
This thread has an example of this.

Striker rules create Striker weapons. IF you are using Book 1 & 4 combat you will have to convert them by interpolating with weapons that already exist in both systems. IIRC FF&S has the same flaw.

Striker does not have a system for designing small arms. FF&S does, but IMHO it is not very good.

I have designed the XM25, the Striker F&F missle (the USN/USMC one, not the Israeli ATGM), and partially designed the HK G11 and Russian AN-94 rifles in Striker by a mixture of rules, interpolating, and RW stats. I will post them as soon as I convert to CT book 1&4 stats.

Designing big missiles`or artillery is easier. :(
Chuck, what type of weapons were you looking at designing?
For personal weapons/support weapons then adapt what's already in LBB2/4 by increasing magazine capacity, adding descriptive text etc. as suggested above.
For vehicle weapons/artillery pieces then Stiker and FF&S both do a good job, but it is much easier to just adapt what's in the back of LBB4.
I'm trying to design a 'large' man portable laser.
I don't use FG/PG imtu, and am looking for an energy based support weapon.
Something that can poke holes in light to medium armor, shoot down aircraft and the like.

Book 2 CT I'd say use the full auto fire rules and design it as a four barrel laser to achieve the required rate of fire. For example:

CT-B2 Medium Quad Laser (Man Portable) - TL8

18Kg with bi-pod - 800mm length - Cr9800

Range VL - Required Dex: 6/-3 10/+2

Armor Matrix = +5 +5 +3 +3 -4 -5 : Wound 4D

Power Pack: 12Kg - Allows 50 burst shots - Cr4000

Uses Full Automatic Fire rules. May be fired in single shot mode in which case use the armor matrix for the standard Laser Carbine and allow 200 single shots from the power pack.

Power Pack may be used, with an adapter cable, for standard Laser Carbines and provides 200 shots in such use.


The above is a simple extrapolation of putting 4 Laser Carbines into one weapon.

Weight and price was dropped for the unneeded extra stocks and then bumped up for the bipod.

The armor matrix is derived from the comparison of the autorifle to the rifle.

The required dex is bumped up one point for the extra weight and burst fire aim difference.

The power pack is just 4 standard power packs in one unit to allow rapid fire and sufficient shots.

Dead easy to do a Laser Rifle version the same way if you need more power.
Just another thought, could a TL12 version use the 3kg plasma gun power pack:

40 x 10d plasma damage : 100 x 4d laser damage

or 25 bursts.
Yep, should work
I'd go a step further and nudge the weight of the weapon itself down a bit too at TL12ish. In fact I've done that somewhere around here (my mess in reality, not posted anywhere I think), but they are a CT version of the CLC Lasers from TNE. The medium and heavy versions still use power-packs but I don't think I did them from the PG or FG packs, which now that you mention it might make more sense as a better model. Back to the workbench
You guys are cool. I like seeing creative interpolation and extrapolation at work!
Thank you very much robject :D We are but bastard children of that mother of invention, necessity. May these small gifts lead you and others to their own labs through imagination and basic math ;)
My only thing about CT weapons is that rifles do exactly the same damage as pistols. Wouldn't a rifle do 4d, unless it's a musket?
Well it does say that the autopistol is the equivalent of the .44 automag, and the revolver a .357 magnum.

Think of it the other way around - the pistols do the same damage as the rifles, but at much shorter range.

Once you move across to the AHL/Striker system the rifles get a higher penetration value...
Yep, house RULES!

That's my contribution to weapons design - make sure that rifles do slightly more damage than pistols.
You could always go back to first edition damage values:
</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">weapon damage
body pistol 3d-8 average 1.5
auto pistol 3d-3 average 7.5
revolver 3d-3 average 7.5
carbine 4d-8 average 6
smg 3d-3 average 7.5</pre>[/QUOTE]