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Originally posted by trader jim:
What are some good under water minor races i can put into some water worlds???
I can think of several:
  • Well there's the uplifted dolphins and orcas created by the Solomani</font>
  • The aquatic human minor race created by the Ancients</font>
  • I guess Bwaps (newts) though they are amphibious.</font>
  • There's several aquatic races found in the GURPS:Traveller Alien Races books.</font>
Wait a sec! Who are you?! What did you do with the real Trader Jim?
There are an asortment of UW/Amphibians in 101 Life Forms (BITS), a spplement for GT, but useable by any Traveller flavor with some work..

JTAS -16, 1983 "Contact-Githiasko!"
pp12-14, &27. a race of intelligent sophonts from coreward edge of he Imperium whose homeworld is Githiaski/Antares (2406).
J. Andrew keith, author.

(They're cephalopods-Squids of sorts!)

(does the WB-kids double take!#@!)-Are you the rreal Trader Jim? Nawwwwwwwwww, couldn't be! :eek: ;)