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"War and Peace" characters


This is a place to place huge, multifaceted characters that take Much Too Long to type out. :D
If you like making ultra-detailed characters, and want to show them to the world, here's where you put them!
To be kind, I'll provide a brief list of skills she should have, using the FUDGE scale:

Legendary (usually reserved for NPC's)

You can use www.fudgerpg.com and http://www.yarranet.net.au/phill/fudge/traveller/TravChar.html
to translate Traveller to Fudge

[ Waits for the cries of "Heretic!" to die down... ]


Grand Duchess Aagunaremugam Uudaraa (aka "Matriarch Aaguna") , as of 1120 Imperial

**Body: Mediocre
Strength: Poor
Stamina, Apperance: Good
Dexterity, Sight: Fair

** Mind: Good
Intelligence, Memory: Good
Knowledge: Fair

** Soul: Good
Charisma, Empathy, Wisdom: Great
Drive, Honour, Intuition,: Good

Rank, Status: Great
Wealth: Superb

** Skills
Small Animal Care: Good
Riding (Horses): Fair

Cooking: Mediocre
Literary Arts: Good
Visual Arts: Fair

Zero-G, Low-G, Regular-G movement: Fair
High-G Movement: Poor
Running, Swimming: Terrible

Hand Weapons: Fair
Melee Weapons (Rapier): Poor

Language: Anglic (9th Century Imperial) Superb
Language: Anglic (Modern): Good
Language: Moden Vilani: Good
Language: Old High Vilani: Mediocre
Language: Arar (planetary language): Fair
Language: Sylean: Poor

Interstellar History: General Imperial: Good
Interstellar History: Arar Subsectror: Superb
Planetary History: Arar System: Good
Planetary History: Arar Homeworld: Great
Household History: House Uudarra: Legendary

Cultural knowledge: Arar subsector: Great
Cultural knowledge: Imperial noble culture, Arar subsector: Great
Cultural knowedge: Arar System & Homeworld: Good

Geographic knowledge: Arar Subsector: Good
Geographic knowledge: Arar System: Great
Geographic knowledge: Arar Homeworld: Good

Persuasion: Good
Command Presence: Good
Deception: Good
Oratory: Medicore
Noble and Family Gossip: Great
Political Instincts: Good
Family Conenctions: Great

Bureaucracy (red-tape-cutting): Great
Noble Etiquee: Great
Social Games: Fair
Storytelling: Good
Witty Insults: Fair
Diplomacy: Good

Child Care: Great
Child Education: Great
Child Medical Care: Good

Bargain: Fair
Evaluate Goods: Good
Salesmanship: Poor

Piloting: Poor
Medical (Low Berths): Good
Knitting: Good
First Aid: Good
Move Quietly: Good

Charming, Old-fashioned voice
Naturally beloved/protected by individuals and crowds
Flexible mind
Loves & appreciates beauty
Acces to serious money
Imperial Noble
A member of, and a respected elder of, a Powerful Family

Hunger for peace and gentleness
Old and Weak
Dislikes black/white choices
Put's family interests above all

Chronological age 289, physical/visual age 89. The great discrepancy in age is not due to genetics: despite her name, the Grand Duchess is only 1/16th Vilani. Instead, it's due to her current preference of spending 20 years in a specially-made Low Berth for every five years spent "live".

Visual: an old, small, but rather charming and pleasant woman, with sparkling blue/grey eyes, a charming lit to her voice, and a gentle smile. Despite her Vilani name, she is obviously a near-pure Solomani ("I guess that I do look that old, don't I?") Dresses in the High neo-Greek style, popular among Massila nobility two and a half centuries ago. Her speech patterns are very old-fashioned, but can be usually understood. (Think "King James Bible" English, to use an analogy). No body sculpting, no genetic upgrading: even her thinning salt n' pepper hair and facial wrinkles on her grey/white face are left 'au natural'. She has a very gentle, unimposing presence, but her mannerisms and instincts shows the clear signs of a very privileged, High Noble upbringing.

Current position: the "Grand" in front of her title really means "Retired". She is referred to as "Matriarch Aaguna" by her 1,200 member upper-class family (who collectively employ about 10,000 family servants, of whom only 300 or so are armed.) Greatly beloved among her family and her 'home base' of the city of Fuadh Dubnori, the Grand Duchess Arar - when she's outside of Low Berth - acts as the family representative there to other subsector powers, movers and shakers - including the current Duchess Arar, Zhong-Mei Zhang.

"Matriarch Aaguna" usually works as an advisor and an educator to senior members of her family, but often spends time bonding with family children and young adults. Interestingly, aged and retired members of her family seek out her company when she's "live" - they find pleasure and some humour, speaking to someone clearly older then themselves. When she can spare the time, she helps out the family historians in getting the details right.

The general public tends to spontaniously celebrate when she goes out on walkabouts, and she is genuinely pleased to see them. She has no formal Imperial duties, but in her "live" state the Grand Duchess is considered a prized guest for any high-class function.

Homeworld: Her family is more closely tied to the subsector itself - Arar/Massilia - rather than to any specific world. While the two family baronies include Ekron Continent (Hallinsa/Arar/Massilia) and the city of Suffi (Khipshu/Arar/Massilia), the Grand Duchess resides on the subsector capital of Arar (Hex 1104, B233A72-G Hi Po Na Cp 524 Im F3 V).

Current Residence: Uudarra Spire, a graceful, ivory white tower (with Gold, Silver, and Topaz highlights), about 250 meters high . Located at the city of Fuadh Dubnori, in the nation of Conoppr. The Spire stands out not because of it's height (there are far higher buildings in this TL G city of 62 million people), but because of it's beauty and it's setting. The 300 square meters of parkland - protected by a 30-meter-high dome surrounding the tower - gives Uudarra Spire an air of serenity. It is a wonderous feeling, watching the smaller antigrav business flotillas gently float past the Spire, much like a flock of old-style Zeppelins.

With the Grand Duchess is about 500 family servants, and four Household armsmen for Special Circumstances. (The city police department provides the routine security needs for the Spire.) Uudarra Spire acts as the family compound/residence for the subsector capital: however, much of the space within the Spire is rented out to allied & friendly out-of-subsector noble houses, for their own business, family, storage, and security needs.

The park is carefully maintained, with an extensive "sonic baffling field", dulling the sound of of the city to a distant roar. Plants and animals are chosen to stress the idyllic, restful nature of the park. It is usually not open to the public, excluding five holidays - Holiday; the Emperor's birthday; the Subsector Duke's birthday; Saliio (the major religious holiday of the nation of Conoppr); and Uudarra Day, when the first Uudarra was elevated to the Imperial nobility, at 209-0718 Imperial.

Belief's/Goals: The Grand Duchess has a love of peace, good friendships, and beauty. She is a decent student of politics, but has no strong opinions except for the desire for peace and prosperity. Politically, she simply supports whatever is offical Imperial policy at the moment, and discourages public criticism of the Emperor or other nobles. Her religious and racial beliefs are similarily "Imperial mainstream", even 'tame'.

The Grand Duchess likes to talk about her many experiences, and is entertaining enough to *usually* avoid becoming a bore. She is still very interested in the future, but knows that she is getting quite old: the next time she enters the Low Berth is likely to be her last as a living woman. She still refuses to use any anagathics, longevity treatments, or artifical organs to prolong her life, and is willing to take only a few TL 6-9 drugs for general health.


History: born the second of two children in 004-0831, Miss Aagunaremugam Uudaraa spent her earlier years receiving a "second-born daughter" education: she was well-drilled in subsector politics, economics, religions and history, but as a woman she was also trained to manage a noble household, to behave as a Society Lady (repesenting her family in various functions), and to strengthen and nuture the family image in the eyes of the public with various good works, speaking on behalf of family servants in Household meetings, etc.

Her time in the spotlight occurred in 241-0865, when both her father and her elder brother died in a dynastic conflict. Normally, succession would go to the eldest male, but this was not politically posible without risking the anger of a large fraction of family members. As a compromise candidate, Aagunaremugam was chosen to ascend to the Ducal throne as a 'one-time' exception.

During her ten years of rule, Duchess Aagunaremugam has a lot on her plate. Her primary work to heal the family rifts, so the Uudarra clan can again stand united under one leader. At the Duchess' request, Empress Tomutova II sent a team of mid-level Imperial negotiators to help with discussions. In non-dynastic matters, there was a major simplification of the subsector tax code, two campaigns to purge corruption from the subsector Civil Service, and a 14-month-long financial crises at 871-872, which eventually led to the collapse of three major subsector banks and the financial destruction of many minor nobles.

The major divisions within the Uudarra family were largely healed by 874. Despite her hard work in bringing everyone back together again, the Duchess was no longer tolerated as a ruler by her family, and she chose to abdicate in 875 rather than create new troubles within her family.

Aagunaremugam was now 44 years, and still unmarried and childless - much to the distress of the women of her family. Depressed with her loss of power and her family's rejection, and displeased with the badgering of the family women, the now-Grand Duchess desired to bring her hard-won wisdom to future Uuderra nobles, by "travelling forward in time" via Low Berths. She has had numerous interesting encounters in her 'time travels', and is greatly respected by her family.


The PC's: The Grand Duchess has been "live" for three years, and now has two more years before she is scheduled to return to her Low Berth. Before she returns to the Low Berth, she would like to do one of the following:
* Visit the Emperor, personally bringing him greetings and a gift from her family.
* See Terra with her own eyes, swim in her oceans, and watch the huge moon of Luna rise in the sky while sitting under a baobab tree.
* Visit every last one of the 1,200 Uuderra family member in the subsector, no matter their situation or their place in life. If possible, she would also like to see all 10,000 family servants as well.

Her family is quite willing to provide a small Jump-4 starship and financial support. Note that the crew of the ship is likely to be family retainers, instead of, say, some scruffy starfarers recruited from a bar....


As for House Uurderra: As of 1120, two relatives are Imperial Barons, one is the elected Chancellor of a national government on Arar, twelve hold down senior positions in various planetary governemnts, and one holds flag rank in Sargashad/Massila's System Navy. The lesser member's of the 1,200-member family are closely involved in planetary politics and military organizations across Arar subsector: with a few oddballs involved in entrepeneural business ventures.

Family women are still barred from gaining any noble rank, joining any military force, or becoming clergy of any religion - on pain of disinheritance, and being struck from the family lists. The Grand Duchess remains one of the two known exceptions ever allowed to this rule.
Yes, it’s another “war and peace” soap opera…

Again, the FUDGE scale for the skill listings:

Legendary (usually reserved for NPC's)

Fiorenzo “Fiery” Washington, Esquire
Household Governor of the Sam’sara Islands
Businessman, Imperial Squire
Physical & Chronological age of 29
Solomani-culture (but not of pureblood origin)
Born on Anfinwen (Dudin/Daibei:1724 DA8A746-A Ri Wa 915 Im)
Currently residing on the Amber-zoned world of Laghras
(Amdani/Daibei: 1811 C769776-9 Ri A 933 Im)

As of 1120 Imperial:

**Body: Good
Strength, Agility: Good
Appearance: Great
Vision: Good

** Mind: Good
Willpower: Great
Technical: Mediocre
Wit: Good
Perception: Good
Education: Great

** Soul: Good
Empathy: Great
Drive: Great
Social Presence: Good

Status: Good
Wealth: Good

Jumping, Running, Swimming: Good
Throwing: Poor
Various athletic, masculine sports: Mediocre
(Three sports played throughout the Imperium, and a
sector-specific sport as well)
Camping, Hiking: Mediocre
Zero-G movement: Good
High-G movement: Great (raised in a high-G world)

Slug Hand-weapons: Good
Laser Hand-weapons: Terrible
Plasma & Fusion rifles: Fair
Hand-held rockets: Mediocre
Ambush: Fair
Small-unit tactics: Poor
Zero-G combat: Fair
Unarmed Combat: Fair
Explosives: Terrible
Battledress: Fair
Mob control: Good
Field repair (small equipment & weapons): Fair
First Aid: Terrible
Navigation: Mediocre

Ground cars: Fair
Most Grav Vehicles: Poor
Grav Bikes & Grav Belts: Fair
Small spacecraft: Fair
Small watercraft: Mediocre

Language: Imperial Anglic: Great (Native tongue)
Language: Solomani Anglic dialect: Good
Language: Modern Vilani: Terrible (Written only)
Language: Savgoni: Good
(Savgoni is the main language of Laghras system: a mix of Modern (1120) French, Solomani Anglic, and Khungus A – an old dialect of Vilani, popular during the Long Night.)

Interstellar History: General Imperial: Fair
Interstellar History: Solomani: Fair
Household History: Yaremchuk clan: Fair

Cultural Knowledge: Laghras system: Good
Cultural Knowledge: Solomani: Poor
Geographic Knowledge: Laghras system: Mediocre
Legal & Business Knowledge: Laghras system: Good
Political Knowledge: Laghras system: Fair

Salesmanship: Good
Political Instincts: Fair
Bargaining: Great
Psychology: Good
Accounting & Bookkeeping: Fair
Intimidation: Good

Carouse & Camaraderie: Good
Imperial High Society: Poor
Laghras system High Society: Good
Savior-Faire: Mediocre
Streetwise: Good

Computers: TL 9-A: Good
Computers: TL D: Fair

Good business contacts in Laghras System
Good contacts with Laghras High Society
Popular & respected among Laghras’s ruling elites
Strong Will
Good wealth (local scale)
Unelected (and somewhat unwilling) leader of a faction of his interstellar clan
Daring & entrepreneurial

Low-level, non-violent hostility from a faction of his clan
Shuns Imperial nobility, officers whenever possible
Demanding family religion
Limited ambitions

** Responsibilities & Property
A large educational business, planet-wide
Unofficial chief of family retainers and relatives’ in-system
Governs - in Baron David’s name - the Sam’sara islands. Fiery has legal rights to a portion of the taxation revenue of her 80,000 residents

Visual: Fiery Washington (only his clan elders call him Fiorenzo) is a tall Solomani back man, about 6’3” in height. He has a naturally handsome, strong & muscular built, slowly turning fatty around the belly (much to his disappointment). His ‘baby face’ is quite appealing to women.

Dresses in the Laghras system style of a two-piece jumpsuit (black, blue, dark green or grey for men, lined with very expensive fur), over which is worn a light “scarf” of geometric patterns - not tied around the neck, but draped over the shoulders. Being a wealthy man, Washington can afford his scarf to display the latest light-patterns and ‘flowing colours’ which cycle every minute – without radiating any heat. (It’s the lack of heat that really costs money to buy). Footwear is high-tech, plastic ‘slippers’ with cloth highlights, as worn by conservative Laghras businessmen for centuries. During the “Red Snow” season (actually large red flakes that precipitate from the upper atmosphere), the Imperial Squire wears a long cloak as outerwear between his jumpsuit and his scarf.

Fiery Washington’s social presence is imposing (due to his size): in order not to intimidate his clients, he deliberately keeps his voice and actions in a low-key, unhurried level. However, he can use body language to intimidate when angry, or during a business negotiation. He uses his anger as a tool, and never lets his anger cloud his judgment – although he can deliberately lead people to believe otherwise.

Beliefs/Goals: While not a religious man – he really believes only in himself - Fiery still considers himself to be an Agaothi. (The Agaoth religion is an aggressive, moralistic form of Deism, founded in the Imperial year 765 in Spica sector.) His original clan, the Santoni’s, is generally dominated by serious believers: under pressure by the clan members; he has started to build an Agaothite temple and enforce Agaothite justice among clan members. Clan members are not satisfied with this: they want him to enforce the religious legal code on the Laghras population he has authority over. So far, he has refused to do this.

Fiery’s primary goal is to live a peaceful, prosperous life, far from clan schemes and even farther from interacting with the Imperial nobility. He feels that these goals are rapidly fading away: "Just when I think I'm out, they keep pulling me back in!"

History, pre-Laghras system:

Born Fiorenzo Santoni in 261-1091, Fiery was raised with 20 family members and servants on Anfinwen. Soon after his 10th birthday, the minor house lost its last noble patent - they were on the losing side of a multi-family conflict, and to buy peace, they had to give up their fief and their noble title. As they were downgraded to just a clan (with various knights and squires), clan elders spotted Fiorenzo natural abilities, and gave him a fine education and training, hoping that he may regain a proper noble title for the clan. However, after 6 years with a regular Imperial Army regiment, he left deeply disillusioned with Army cliques, bureaucracy, and politicking. Fiery swore that he will never serve in any Imperial capacity again, and would turn down any Imperial honour offered – much to the shock of his family.

[Note: the title “Squire” is not an Imperial award: it’s an unofficial term, reflecting a social standing of “below the Imperial Knighthood, but above the planet-bound riff-raft.” The term is fairly widespread in the Domain of Sol.]

For a year, Fiery wandered the spacelanes as a “hot zone” businessman, making deals (usually involving mercenaries, revolutionaries, and/or underworld organizations) on behalf of Fight Club LLC, a weapons and military vehicle broker. The goods tended to be substandard - faulty plasma rifles, discontinued vehicles that had no source for spare parts, that sort of thing. To his credit, he was honest to his desperate clients, who often would go ahead and make the purchase (Imperial credits or monetary metals only). “A low-life, but better than most,” was his general reputation among his customers.

History: the discovery of Laghras

It is likely that Squire Santoni could have kept in this business for many years, until he got personally involved in a conflict, was killed over a deal gone bad, or even rising to take over Fight Club. Instead, he fell in love with the society and the world of Laghras. A balkanized, amber-zoned world of 90 million people, the world has been embroiled in a continuous series of violent conflicts for centuries. The world is quite poor by Diabei standards: the Scouts claim that it’s at TL 9, but 50% of the population actually live at the prejump, almost prenuclear state of TL 5-6. Moreover, the local culture is quite provincial: off-world attitudes are strongly discouraged, and violent duels erupt over imagined slights.

Fiery, however, loved the unique beauty of the world, the vitality of the people, the elegant dress, and the lovingly protected local cultures. Santoni left the Fight Club, and founded a local business, providing tutors from high-tech systems for the children of local elites. It was quite an adventure: he hardly knew what he was doing, but figured out the business side rather quickly, while learning to spot quality teachers for his business. Now, four years after he founded his business, Santoni Tutors spans the globe, with 60 teachers. This business also introduced Squire Santoni to the upper crust of Laghras’s ever-feuding elites, where he has made a good impression at various functions. Laghras has spent his ‘free time’ becoming increasingly integrated into Laghras’s society, learning the language and ‘going native’.

History: family troubles

Two years ago, Fiery was very surprised when some Santoni family members started showing up at his doorstep, asking for a job and some shelter. Apparently, a major part of the 300-member clan decided to “ice out” other members, and these people – destitute of their old wealth, standing, and reputation – have somehow made their way across the parsecs to Fiery. Fiery really did not want to get involved, but he decided to put them to work in minor, low-paid positions ‘as a temporary measure.’ A continual stream of people kept trickling in, for 16 months.

Then, from out of the blue, the family’s only starship – a 1000-ton liner, now converted to a troopship – showed up in orbit. The 72 TL-B troops crammed onboard promptly swore allegiance to Fiery, as did the ship’s crew. In three days, another liner – a leased ship, bearing 50 clan members - including wives and children - came out of jump as well. The non-violent political maneuvering within the clan had turned violent, and the losers of the conflict have fled to Fiery for protection and leadership (the old leaders had been killed.)

Laghras system was plunged into controversy: the ship and the troops represented a lot of military force, and no nation of Laghras wanted it to fall into the hands of any other local power. The system noble, Baron David IV, negotiated with Fiery and the local planetary leadership, and it was decided that the troops would be given to the Baron as his own household property. As compensation, the Baron would give Fiery part of his planetary holdings to rule and tax – the Sam’sara chain of islands – and be adopted into the Baron’s own noble family, House Washington.

(Note that Fiery is currently ‘unattached’, but with a long string of lady friends behind him. The Baron is unconcerned regarding this issue: even if you count his eight bastards, Fiery is too far down the list of succession to really matter.)

Fiery’s adoption into House Washington is still having social fallout, with a whole series of brand-new relatives stopping by to introduce themselves. As Household Governor of Sam’sara, he is still trying to get used to the social and political environment of that island chain (he had lived in the wealthiest regions of the planet – Corte Island, where the starport is located. But he had to relocate to Sam’sara, now at TL 6.) The TL B troops respect the authority of the Baron, but still consider Fiery to be their ‘real’ commander: to placate them, the Baron has made Fiery their ceremonial Captain, and encourages Fiery to interact with the troops and soothe their concerns. With his new responsibilities, Fiery has had to turn over the running of Santoni Tutors to his family members. In the meantime, the new rulers of the Santoni clan want their starship back, and their military retainers. The Baron has denied their requests without a second thought: the Clan Santoni is far too weak to really contest the issue with House Washington.

Meanwhile, back on the island…

The islanders have their own opinions on who should rule them: they strongly prefer the Baron to rule directly, instead of ‘hiding behind some Johnny-come-lately flunky.”. There have been various non-violent protests, and – in the dead of night, so nobody gets hurt – there have been explosions on the Baron’s property every two-three days. Already, various small Baronial offices have gone ‘Boum!’ The Baron himself is casual about this: “It’s just the Sam’saran way to demand some attention.” His Most Serene Lordship expects things to die down after a few months, so long as Fiery is careful to respect the local mores, and avoids getting involved in any of the 30 or so running feuds on the islands.

Another trouble spot: the Santoni folks who now follow Fiery wants him to convert the Sam’saran to the Agaoth religion. They feel that any violent reaction can be easily handled with the TL B soldiers, and insist that Fiery fulfill his religious responsibilities for the souls of the people under his rule. The locals have not heard of this controversy yet: when they do, knowledgeable men predict even more ‘boums’, this time with fatalities among the Santoni troops. Fiery tried to defuse the situation before it gets started - by giving public, lavish donations to the local religious organizations – but his Agaothi followers made their anger known, so he felt forced to stop. He is still looking for a way to resolve the situation without alienating either side, but Fiery is still very new at governing the Sam’saran: ‘mistakes will be made.’

Referee’s notes:

The Sam’saran are modeled on the Corsican culture, as depicted in National Geographic (April 2003). The Corsicans could be seen as “Sicily, ruled by the French”. Their mafia is weaker than Sicily’s, but they have a long independence campaign by an aggressive minority – and are supposedly hot-blooded enough to ‘shoot each other over a parking space.’ They were ruled by clans until WWII, and have chosen to resist any development of their wonderful coastline with pyrotechnic explosions at construction sites (they have also wacked French-owned wineries they don’t like). The 80,000 Sam’saran – unlike modern Corsica – are still attached to their odd brand of Imperial Catholicism, still ruled by clans (like the rest of the world of Laghras), and are comfortable with foreign (i.e.: Imperial noble) ruler. Outside of feuds and the occasional explosion, there is very little crime on the Sam’saran islands: everyone has been here for generations, and ordinary people can leave their doors unlocked.

Members of the 300-strong Santoni clan should be loosely modeled on the Colin Powell/Conderozza Rice crew of George Bush Jr’s cabinet: intelligent, driven, well-spoken black politicos, who are very loyal to the Imperium. Note that the Santoni’s are more religious and more militarily “hands-on” than any modern politician is. For a more accurate model of Santoni warfare, think of Peter the Great – an educated and enlightened Russian Czar - personally beheading some rebel scum.

About 100 of the clan now call Fiery their Archon, a position Fiery has accepted with great reluctance. They have taken over Santoni Tutors, and are using it as a power base to expand their corporate presence on the planet (and, not incidentally, rebuild their wealth and power base). They are using two Air/Rafts as an ultra-expensive courier service (‘Santoni Couriers’), building a for-profit university, run with TL 9-A technology (‘Santoni University’), and are expanding Santoni Tutors to include an exclusive school in the most expensive neighborhood on the planet. (‘Santoni College’, on Corte Island). They are saddened over losing control of their starship and their troops, but consider it a fair price to pay for protection from the rest of the clan.
Eddie Southcount

Eddie Southcount is a young man of Solomoni decent. He is clean
shaven, 19 years old, has sandy blond hair, blue eyes and straight,
white teeth. Eddie dresses well for one so young and with such
limited means. He is not overly fond of hard work. It is obvious he
is well educated, and he fits in well in various social situations.

However, Eddie Southcount doesn’t really exist. He is a figment in the
imagination of Vice-Count Richard Edward David Southerland IV, heir to
the seat of his father, Count Edward Southerland of Regina/Regina. At
sixteen, Vice-Count Edward was distressed watching young fools inherit
their family’s money and go on to become rich, powerful, influential
and still remain fools. He decided that it would not be so for him. He
was going to make a name for himself before he inherited his family’s
vast fortune. He would show the galaxy that Richard Edward David
Southerland IV was intelligent, industrious and capable.

The only flaw in his plan would be that Eddie is in no way
intelligent, industrious or capable. Vice-Count Edward is lazy and
quite accustom to having everything brought to him on a platter. After
running away from home and booking passage to the Lanth Sub-Sector, he
ran out of cash. He could easily go to any bank and withdraw more
cash, but that would alert his father to his whereabouts. Eddie
steadfastly refuses to do that until he has some sort of
accomplishment to show.

So far, no one has learned Eddie’s true identity, and Eddie hopes to
keep it that way. Eddie has worked as a cook on a liner, a starport
fright handler, a meditech on a bulk ore freighter, an engineer on a
Type R Akkigish "Fat Trader," a co-pilot on a Empress Marvava A2
trader and a gunner on a mail ship in the Varger Extents. Eddie
doesn't think any of these would count as an "accomplishment" for a
Peer of the Realm, but he has high hopes for the future.

9 ST
13 DX
14 IQ
12 HT

5 Alertness
5 Appearance: Attractive
5 Charisma
15 Status (+8)
4 Strong Will
50 Wealth: Filthy Rich (x100)

-10 Cannot Harm Innocents
-10 Code of Honor (Noble) (-2)
-10 Laziness
-10 Secret (-2)

-1 Distractible
-1 Doesn't like Broccoli
-1 Likes Vilani Folk Music
-1 Loves Driving Grav Bikes
-1 Wears Sunglasses in Public and Around Nobles

12 0.5 Acting
12 0.5 Administration
11 0.0 Appreciate Beauty
13 0.5 Area Knowledge (Spinward Marches)
12 0.5 Armoury (Ships Guns)
13 1.0 Astrogation
12 1.0 Boxing
13 0.5 Computer Operation
13 0.5 Cooking
11 0.5 Dancing
12 1.0 Diagnosis
9 0.0 Driving (Air Raft)
12 0.5 Electronics Operation (Comm)
12 0.5 Electronics Operation (Eng. Diag.)
12 0.5 Electronics Operation (Medicial)
12 0.5 Electronics Operation (Sensors)
11 0.5 Engineer (Robots)
12 1.0 Engineer (Starship)
12 0.5 Fast-Draw (Pistol)
12 0.5 Fast-Draw (Saber)
12 1.0 Fencing
13 0.5 First Aid
11 0.5 Free Fall
12 0.5 Freight Handling
9 0.0 Gesture
13 0.5 Gunner (Starship)
14 0.5 Guns (Pistols)
12 0.5 HasMat
13 0.0 Heraldry
12 1.0 History (Spinward Marches)
14 0.0 Language (Galanglec)
11 0.5 Law
12 1.0 Literature (Imperial)
12 0.5 Mechanic (Fusion Plant)
12 0.5 Mechanic (Grav Vehicles)
12 0.5 Mechanic (Jump Drive)
12 0.5 Mechanic (Maneuver Drive)
12 0.5 Mechanic (Robot)
9 0.0 Motorcycle
13 2.0 Piloting (Grav Bike)
12 1.0 Piloting (Starship)
12 0.5 Research
16 0.0 Savoir-Faire
12 0.5 Shipmaster
12 0.5 Starshipbuilding
11 0.5 Stealth
12 0.5 Streetwise
9 0.0 Swimming
12 0.5 Vacc Suit
Skip Stern

Skip Stern is a tall, slender man of Solomani decent. He is 35 years
old, six feet tall and weighs 140 pounds. He has brown eyes and has
light brown hair.

As a youth, skip applied for and was accepted to the Merchant Academy.
He was a good student and excelled during the annual "Summer Cruises."
While at the Academy he joined the boxing team and earned a reputation
as a good boxer.

After the Academy he was hired by Tukera Lines. He served three terms
for Tukera without incident. He rotated between Engineering and Deck
departments and was promoted quickly. At the end of his third term
with Tukera he was a First Officer and had earned his Chief Engineer's
License and Unlimited Master's License. Tukera offered him a
promotion to Captain and command of a three thousand ton freighter if
he would reenlist. Skip jumped at the offer.

Shortly after taking command of the freighter, Skip was in the Rylanor
system, outbound to Regina with a load of computer parts. There was
another Tukera ship inbound. After a series of miscalculations, the
two ships collided. There was no loss of life, but their was tens of
megacredits of damage to each ship. During the inquiry, it came out
that the other captian was drunk on duty. He was also the son of a
Baron who was a major Tukera stockholder. When the inquiry board made
it's finding, Skip was handed the blame. He was discharged from Tukera
without benefits. Further, his Unlimited Master's License was

For the last several months Skip has hung around the starports of the
Spinward Main. He exchanges travel for working passage, but always
under an assumed name. He has applied for and received his
Skiptracer's License.

10 ST
14 DX
14 IQ
11 HT

5 Alertness
15 Combat Reflexes
10 Legal Enforcement Powers (+2)
4 Strong Will

-10 Bad Temper
-5 Code of Honor (Pirate Code)
-10 Duty (Obay and Uphold the Law)
-5 Obsession (Get License Back)
-5 Odious Personal Habit (Smokes)
-5 Reputation (Merchant Crews - Lost Shipmaster's License)

-1 Cafeine Addict
-1 Hates to be called "Skipper" or "Skippy"
-1 Likes Vilani Opera
-1 Only Smokes Mora Rough Shag Filter 100's
-1 Thinks Brubek's is for Loosers

13 1.0 Administration
14 1.0 Area Knowledge (Spinward Main)
14 0.0 Arm or Wrist Lock
12 0.5 Armoury (Ship's Guns)
14 2.0 Astrogation
11 0.5 Astronomy
15 4.0 Boxing
10 1.0 Carousing
13 0.5 Computer Operation
12 0.5 Criminology
12 1.0 Detect Lies
12 0.5 Driving (Air Raft)
12 0.5 Electronics Operation (Comm)
13 1.0 Electronics Operation (Security Systems)
12 0.5 Electronics Operation (Sensors)
13 2.0 Engineer (Starship)
14 0.5 Fast-Draw (Pistol)
13 1.0 Fast-Talk
13 0.5 First Aid
12 0.5 Free Fall
13 1.0 Gambling
14 0.5 Gunner (Ship's Guns)
15 0.5 Guns (Light Auto)
15 0.5 Guns (Pistol)
13 2.0 History (Spinward Marches)
15 4.0 Hit Location (Boxing)
13 1.0 Interrogation
13 1.0 Intimidation
15 2.0 Jab
13 0.5 Jumping
14 0.0 Language (Galanglic)
13 2.0 Law
13 2.0 Literature (Vilani Opera)
13 1.0 Lockpicking
13 1.0 Mechanic (Fusion Plant)
13 1.0 Mechanic (Jump Drive)
13 1.0 Mechanic (Manuver Drive)
13 0.5 Motorcycle
14 2.0 Piloting (Starship)
14 4.0 Reposte
15 2.0 Roundhouse Punch
8 0.5 Running
13 0.5 Savoir-Faire
10 1.0 Sex Appeal
13 1.0 Shadowing
13 1.0 Shiphandling
13 1.0 Shipmaster
13 2.0 Starshipbuilding
13 1.0 Stealth
13 1.0 Streetwise
11 0.5 Throwing
13 0.5 Tournament Law (Boxing)
12 0.5 Vacc Suit
14 2.0 Wrestling
Vendi "Pretty Boy" Spenduni

Vendi Spenduni has come far in life using just two things: quick wits
and a smooth tongue. Raised on Mora, he attended Regent University on
a sports scholarship. While Vendi was a fair athlete, he proved to be
an excellent, though not exceptional, student. By the end of his
sophomore year, he knew he was looking at a degree in Phys Ed followed
by absolutely no life whatsoever. He needed to distinguish himself
somehow. He bluffed his way into the office of the Dean of Students
and, fifteen minuets later, walked out with a letter of transfer to
the Business School.

Sensing this was his big opportunity Vendi threw himself, not into his
studies, but into networking. He compiled lists of professors and
their family members. He sent letters to former graduates claiming to
be a forgotten drinking buddy. He worked as an intern for anyone who
would have him. At one point, he was a member of four different
fraternities. He kept in touch with everyone.

He did not neglect his athletics. He knew his team performance was his
ticket through school. In the end it was his good looks and charm,
rather than his skill, that saw him through. It was a case of Vilani
wiskey that made him captain of the tennis team his senior year. He
was not so lucky on the boxing team, however. While Vendi was a
technically proficient boxer, he lacked the speed, stamina and
toughness of his teammates. "Pretty Boy" Spenduni finished his final
season on the boxing team without winning a single fight.

Vendi graduated from the Mora Regent University Collage of Business
with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Interplanetary
Economics. Drawing on his network of contacts, he quickly built a
successful import/export business from almost nothing. While
exchanging odor-absorbent diapers and Bungo dolls for unprocessed
grain was profitable, it was also boring. Vendi found he couldn't care
less about the details of running a business. All he cared about was
the DEAL. Even the money was secondary.

Currently, Vendi is looking for an opportunity that will allow him to
meet new people, maybe travel, and make deals.

9 ST
13 DX
15 IQ
12 HT

5 Alcohol Tolerance
5 Alertness
5 Appearance: Attractive
5 Charisma
5 Lightning Calculator
4 Strong Will
10 Voice

-5 Chummy
-5 Code of Honor (Merchant)
-5 Light Sleeper
-10 Motion Sickness
-10 Phobia: Psionophobia (Fear of Psionic Powers)
-5 Workaholic

-1 Always wears a jacket and tie
-1 Always wears class ring
-1 Carries a gold pocket watch
-1 Likes Jazz
-1 Likes to play Tennis and Racketball

13 1.0 Accounting
14 1.0 Acting
14 1.0 Administration
14 1.0 Advertising
13 1.0 Anthropology (Spinward Marches)
12 1.0 Appreciate Beauty
13 1.0 Archaeology (Spinward Marches)
15 1.0 Area Knowledge (Spinward Main)
13 0.5 Bartender
13 2.0 Boxing
14 0.5 Camouflage
12 2.0 Carousing
14 0.5 Computer Operation
13 1.0 Detect Lies
15 1.0 Diplomacy
11 0.5 Driving (Air Raft)
14 2.0 Economics
12 0.5 Fast-Draw (Pistols)
15 2.0 Fast-Talk
14 2.0 Finance
14 0.5 First Aid
8 0.0 Free Fall
13 0.5 Freight Handling
15 2.0 Gambling
10 0.0 Gesture
15 1.0 Guns (Pistols)
13 0.5 HasMat
13 0.5 Heraldry
14 2.0 History (Spinward Marches)
13 4.0 Hit Location (Boxing)
13 0.5 Holdout
13 2.0 Jab
13 1.0 Jeweler
15 0.0 Language (Galanglic)
13 0.5 Language (Gvegh - Varger)
13 0.5 Language (Sword Worlder)
13 1.0 Law
14 2.0 Literature (Imperial)
13 1.0 Literature (Jazz Music)
14 1.0 Market Analysis
12 0.5 Mathematics
15 2.0 Merchant
14 1.0 Mind Block
13 0.5 Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare
13 2.0 Roundhouse Punch
17 1.0 Savoir-Faire
15 1.0 Scrounging
13 0.5 Shadowing
13 2.0 Sports (Tennis/Racketball)
12 1.0 Stealth
14 1.0 Streetwise
14 0.5 Tournament Law (Tennis/Racketball)
9 0.0 Vacc Suit
I like Eddie Southcount - a truly conflicted young man, but he means well!

Skip Stern needs a bit more background to be a really "war and peace" character. Does ne have a thirst for vengeance? Does he want to redeem his name?

Vendi Spenduni is pretty cool, as is


I should note that your characters are a bit different from mine, in that I spend ages and ages on background, while you spend amazing amount of time in detailing the strengths and weaknesses of each character.

I wonder which one is preferable to referees?
[ This is a Travellerized version of the comic character Shi, created by Billy Tucci. See http://www.cowell.org/~yogo/den2.html for an history of the Sohei, and http://www.crusadefinearts.com for Shi, the comic heroine ]

Armswoman Ana Ishikawa, aka "Shi"
currently a 'Household Guard' in Baronet Wass court
ex-Member, Kyoto Sohei (warrior monk)

Homeworld and early life: served as Sohei on Owanga (C6647A8-8)
Currently: serving as a 'Household Guard', in a baronical residence within the QingWuXian system (D220434-A) Also with secondary duties as a weapons trainer, art curator, and spiritual advisor in military matters.

Pure Solomani female (Asian/Euorpean)
Visual & physical age - 24 years

**Body strength: Great
Physical Attractiveness: Great
Strength, Stamina: Good
Dexterity, Sight: Great
Jump, Leap, Stealth: Great

** Mind: Good
Intelligence, Memory: Good
- Fair off-world
- Good on-world
- Great: Baronet Wass personally, his relationships, and his abilities
- Good: Baronet Wass' other attributes (ie: noble powers, wealth, etc.)
- Great: the (nearly extinct) Kyoto Sohei (monk lore, religion, history, previous members)
- Good: the (nearly extinct) Nara Sohei
- Great: artwork and weapons of her homeworld (and historical background of same)
- Good: basic Christian doctrine (with an Imperial Catholic flavour)

Hand weapons (firearms): Mediocre
Melee weapons: Good
Japanese melee weapons (swords, knives): Great
Japanese melee weapon (Naginata): Superb

** Soul: Great
Empathy: Superb
Drive, Honour: Great
Wisdom, Intuition: Good
Charisma: Fair

Rank, Status: Fair
Wealth: Poor
Network (amount of contacts and friends): Good
Dress, Manners: Good
Persuasion: Good
Communication: Great
Following: has limited influence in Baronet Wass' household, especially his Armsmen, Bodyguards, and household soldiers (numbering 25 in total)

Melee Fighting (Japanese, pre-firearms): Great
Unarmed fighting (Oriental martial arts): Great
Modern bodyguard skills (Unarmed): Good

Anglic (native tongue): Superb
Japanese (ancient, dead/ceremonial language): Superb
Modern Vilani: Poor
Latin: Terrible


Miss Ana Ishikawa has had a hard life. She was born into a secret warrior-monk band called the Kyoto Sohei, and lost her father to an attack by criminals. She swore vengrance, and suffered quite intensely as her military/familiar duties conflicted ever more with her compassionate and gentle nature. Ana took the name "Shi" (Japanese for 'death') during her vendetta against Masahiro Arashi, the crimelord who killed her father.


Eventually, her duties and conflicts led her to kill her best friend Tomone in combat (she was a member of the rival Nara clan), to the destruction of her Kyoto clan over a crisis of faith she instigated (her shift from Zen Buddhism to Christianity led to many following her, to their eventual deaths), and to being forsaken and despised by both her beloved grandfather and her lover. Only her devoutly Catholic mother remained by her side.

Her physical attractiveness, low-tech military skills, fine artistic sense and compassionate nature attracted the attention of Baronet Wass.
He hired this 'aborigine' (pre-Jump-tech individual) to be his Champion in low-tech duels, tend to his art collection, train him in the use of Japanese low-tech weaponry, and act as a 'spiritual advisor' in military matters.

The Baronet has been satisfied to admire her from a distance: he has enough sex dolls (human, android, and virtual whores) to entertain him at his pleasure, but a genuinely *noble* soldier is hard to find. ('Noble' as in honorable and humane, rather than intelligent, gutsy, and charismatic.)


Current events: due to her three years' good service in military matters and martial training, Ana has been 'rewarded' with her mother joining her at the baronical residence. The Baronet is childless, and has grown to admire Ana: he is planning to make Ana his heir.

In their personal relationship, Ana is encouraging the Baronet to seek a real wife, but has been explicit in denying such a role for herself. Baronet Wass has been moved enough that he actually feels shame when involved in one-night stands.

Ana has contacted various Imperial Catholic religious orders, requesting that she be allowed to join a healing, meditative, or educational order. Catholic authorities, however, have been trying to steer her into one of the military orders, so far without success.


In the Baronet's court, you will find Armswoman Ishikawa at her station, in the Kyoto clan uniform that she has grown to loathe. The court is rather small: usually no more than 10 people at one time, and currently meets only once a month. Most busness involved corporate matters and lesser Imperial issues: the great issues of the day are not settled in a Baronet's court.

Offically, Ana is the Baronet's first choice as a Champion in a sword duel, but she has never had the occasion to uphold a duel.

Most of the time, she is in service as an art curator and a weapons trainer: she finds this service quite satisfying.

On the limited occasions that the Baronet is involved in military action (about once a year, serving the Imperium or protecting his corporate holdings), Ana serves as a spiritual advisor. She is very much the 'honour-bound' Catholic Chrisitan warrior, who loathes bombardments of any kind as it destroys too many innocent lives and social infrastructure. Under her advice, the Baronet has tightly limited his aims, and has been very selective in his targets. He has also rigourusly trained his men, as they need to be extraordinarily good to meet their mission goals with these hard rules of engagement.

So far, the results have been rather better then expected: respect for the Baronet has grown among the subsector nobles and local leaders, while the costs of fighting has been trimmed extensively. The 'limited war' doctrine has cost the cost of both losing and winning contests, and even the Baronet's enemies are (usually) willing to return mercy for mercy.