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The purpose of this thread is to provide a place for customers who have outstanding issues with QLI to register their concerns and for them to state their expectations for a solution to their issues. I am obviously not affiliated with QLI, but now that Hunter is back (at least temporarily, hopefully permanently) it seems sensible that everyone who has these concerns should take this opportunity to make sure that he is aware of them so that he can offer a solution, because there may not be any other time to do so.

So if you have outstanding orders that haven't been completed, problems with products that you've ordered that haven't been resolved, or any other issue with the service (or lack of service) that you have received over the past couple of years then post them here. I would strongly encourage lurkers or infrequent posters in this situation to raise their concerns here too.

I would also encourage people to be explicit about how they feel their problems have been handled so far - it is doubly important that Hunter is aware of any frustration and inconvenience caused here.

What I'd like to see here is the same general format: A list of concerns/issue is, an expression of how satisfied (or not) that you have been of the service you have received so far, and what solution you expect to resolve the situation. Ideally Hunter should respond publicly to resolve the issues that have been raised - but a public response (as well as confirmation that the customer has been satisfied) will obviously restore confidence for others. Silence and continued dissatisfaction on the other hand, will do the exact opposite - the ball is now in Hunter's court.

Be very aware that this thread is not a "rant" thread, neither is it a place to throw accusations, make sarcastic comments or snipes, or insult anyone. That applies to me, to Hunter, and to everyone else. If you're offended at the thought of this thread or that I'm posting about a touchy subject, or want to take a potshot at anyone here, don't bother posting because you're wasting everyone's time. The only discussion that is relevant on this thread should relate to the solution of the problem at hand.

EDIT: I would like to thank those who have followed the simple instructions here for contributing their issues to this thread. I hope that we all get a speedy and satisfactory resolution to our issues with QLI.
I'll kick things off:

Concerns: My primary concern is that in December 2003 I paid the sum of US$48.50 to QLI on my visa as a pre-order for a 1248 hardback book (including significant postage costs). Given what has transpired since then, this is obviously not forthcoming from QLI anymore, and after more than three years I have nothing to show from it from QLI.

Satisfaction: I am obviously very unhappy and frustrated about this, and frankly feel robbed since I paid the money in good faith and have received nothing from QLI in return (not even an apology). I fully understand that Hunter has had severe personal issues, but this does not excuse his lack of communication, explanation, interest, or apology regarding this issue. If I pay money for a product, I expect to receive the product, or get something of equivalent value that I want to replace it, or I get my money refunded. It is not acceptable for a business to hold onto my money for three years and for me to have nothing to show for it.

Expected resolution: Either of the following two options would be acceptable to me:

1) My first preference is that the money I have paid for 1248 goes instead towards a PDF copy of the complete 2320AD RPG (a print copy would be ideal, but that is too far down the line and as yet there is no guarantee that it would even happen) and any excess money left over is refunded to my Visa. (in particular about $15 of the money is a physical postage cost that is now irrelevant).

2) My second preference would be a prompt and full refund of what I have paid QLI.

I would expect this to be resolved one way or another by the 28th February 2007. If neither of these resolution options are forthcoming and no alternative acceptable to me is proposed instead, or if QLI refuses to reimburse or compensate me, then I will be investigating legal options to restore my money after that date.

I would strongly encourage all others who have paid for this product and who have also not received what they were promised from QLI in return to also demand similar compensation.
hey hunter, glad to see you're back, hope things are going OK.

and where would I send in a contribution to help keep this board running? I'm sure it's not free.
flykiller - as I made very clear in the first post, this is not a thread for "positive thoughts" or helpful offers. This is a place for people who have grievances to post them so that Hunter is made aware of them.

I know there are people out there who have had issues and unresolved problems. I also know for a fact that there are people who agree with my stance here. They should not be afraid to publicly post their concerns, or be intimidated by the attitude of others, or be worried that people are going to think ill of them for doing so. These are valid concerns often involving money that has changed hands, and they have every right to be heard and every right to demand a resolution.

If you don't have any of these concerns or customer service issues, then you shouldn't be posting on this thread.
I am also owed for 1248 also but unlike yourself I have no grievance with this.

MJD and William from Comstar have both stated that they had been working with Hunter to resolve the issue before circumstance overtook Hunter once again. I'm sure that once the outstanding 2320 and Player's Handbook are out he will be able to try and resolve the 1248 pre-orders.

I think more important are the current download problems which I am sure (as in the past) can be swiftly dealt with.

I would think this place is ideal for helpful offers and positive thoughts if it helps resolve a particular issue or problem.
Hi Border Reiver and Mal,

Just an update on 1248--We offered to provide Hunter with the 75-100 copies of 1248 he needs at wholesale, and for us to pay to ship the books to him to help resolve this.

This offer, while made quite a while, is still on the table and just awaiting Hunter's response.

If you want a place for helpful offers and positive happy thoughts, then start another thread - this isn't it.

Even if you're not bothered by the loss, it should be obvious that the right thing for any business to do is to make some attempt to reimburse or otherwise compensate those who have paid money and not received anything in a timely manner. We need options to be given to us, and if we want to let him keep the money having had nothing in return then that can be our own decision - but it shouldn't be assumed.

Now can anyone who does not have an ongoing grievance or concern please refrain from posting or commenting here. I don't anticipate everyone who has a problem coming out of the woodwork and filling up the thread straight away, it'll probably take a few days or weeks for people to start posting (and ideally this thread should be stickied), but I just want there to be somewhere that people can come to raise their issues.
They are pointing out that there is a solution in the works to your issue. It is on topic and relevant to the point brought in your original post.

[EDITED for running off topic]

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It should be obvious that my last post was not referring to Star's reply (the status of which is still in limbo, I might add, so while it's nice to know it's there it doesn't offer anyone a final resolution to their problems yet - in fact, Star may as well have followed the Concern/Satisfaction/Expected Resolution format with what he said, because this is evidently an unresolved issue).

This is not a "let's gang up on Hunter thread". It's a place where people who have outstanding issues can post them (take a look on the Website Issues board, there's several threads in the past few months there where people have voiced concerns, and it is not clear whether any of them actually got resolved). I really don't know why that is so hard for some people to understand or respect, but given I have been very explicit in my first post here, I expect people to stop and think before they post something that is unrelated. Apparently this is asking too much.

Again, if you want to heckle or opinionate about this thread, do it elsewhere.
Just an update on 1248--We offered to provide Hunter with the 75-100 copies of 1248 he needs at wholesale, and for us to pay to ship the books to him to help resolve this.
hey, can I buy one of these? just tell me where to send the check hunter and I'll buy it.
All of the above aside, I have only one outstanding concern:

I. QLI re-released GDW's TNE-Guilded Lilly Bk: 1 , and co-author Richard Perks (Richard P on these boards) and Myself have the manuscripts for the sequels Bk2 & Bk3.

II. We have not been paid, per se, but were told the matter was "on hold". Neither have we entered into written agreements, with QLI.

III. If QLI intends to publish our work, we'd like to know, ASAP, please. I am cognizant of the past, having been deployed 20-months myself & been out of touch much of that & troubles with communication during that time period were quite spotty.

It was our original intent to seek publication through QLI, as they had re-released on their word, GL-1. We intend to keep our word also, and so await response, any response.
Alright, I'll give this a shot.

Concerns: I ordered both the Basic Books reprint and the 76 Gunmen PDF from QLI in Jan. 20, this year. So far, I haven't got a response regarding the PDF (I ordered it before opening an account on CotI), and while I understand books can take a while to travel to South America (my location), I have a growing suspicion that my order was not processed at all.

Satisfaction: :( . What bugs me the most is the complete lack of answers by QLI.

Expected Resolution: QLI processes my order, the book gets sent and I'm provided with instructions to get my PDF. Or QLI provides me with reasons for its delay. Above all, I want answers.
Concerns: I purchased a moot membership sometime ago and the day after I finally got my password to work the Moot crashed along with a good portion of data on website. With the membership comes a subscription to TA which is not of interest to me as I bought deadtree of all the things that were interesting in the TA that have been published to date. It would also allow me to purchase other PDFs which I already did from Drive Through. I am wondering if my Moot membership will run out without anything to show for it.

Satisfaction: Wanting to get something in exchange for my "investment" in QLI. Ideally, more product that has not been released yet preferably in deadtree but I will settle for PDF (at one time I suggested that I would not mind recieving the Gateway to Destiny PDF)

Expected Resolution: An indication when my Moot membership will run out. Access to Moot files restored and backdated to account for all this time of having no access. The products that I have wished to see actually appear so that I might actually get something out this "investment".

Most of all, I would want to see the return of Hunter & Marc (Avery) working together to restore the broken faith and rapture of trust that has occurred by offering something in return for the investment of monies, chiefly through listening and secondly taking heed of the Traveller community that has supported this game in all incarnations. For all that seems to be the case is silence and that is not good for the future nor any business model that I am aware of.
Concern: Purchased a 12-issue TA subscription several years ago, and the TA line seems to have stopped. When I purchased the subscription it was supposed to have a new volume every month or so. Am not interested in the Epic adventures.

Satisfaction: I find the lack of information frustrating, as well as the broken promises.

Expected Resolution: Either a definite schedule, or my money refunded. And given the length of time and the change in exchange rates during that time (about 30%), I'd like the refund in Canadian dollars.
As a reminder, and personalities aside, legitimate troubles with QLI, and the format to follow are explained above, and are expected to be followed here on this thread.

You veer off from this topic, and get "personal" / rant, and so on, try using the PM function. If that person has turned off their PM response to youIf that person who posted annoys you--tough shit.

First time you veer off, I will remove the personal crap language from your post. Second time, I'll delete your entire post.

There are legitimate concerns to be covered here, and this venue was chosen, rather than flood Mr. Hunter's bandwidth on his e-mail, or tie down his phone lines.

If a Knuckledragging Infantryman like myself can follow these simple directions, you can too. Thank You for your time.

Carry on,
civilly yours,
At risk of incurring a finger-wagging from Mal or Liam, this is more addresine concerns than raising them... sort of.

1. Um, Flykiller.... you can buy the 1248 books from Avenger/Comstar, where they've been on sale for a year or so. You can't get them from QLI. As Star said, ComStar have offered books to QLI *to fulfil the preorders*. New customers are directed to the Traveller range at Comstar, which is pretty extensive.

2. I still get PMs urging me to try to find a resolution to the preorder situation. Fact is I've done all I can and Avenger/Comstar have done all they/we can. The preorders are a QLI issue and are nothing to do with me.

3. On the same subject, a point in the right direction. I/Avenger sometimes get queries about where QLI products are. To take one case in point: I got a query stating that the customer had purchased a T20 ref's screen 'from us' and not received it. He wanted to know where it was.

Thing is, Avenger/Comstar does not publish or sell T20 materials, and does not offer them for sale. So if you ordered a T20 product and you want to know status of your order, it's probably better to query the correct firm.

Bit like ordering a Mitsubishi car from Japan and querying BMW about where it's got to...

I try to help people out but time to deal with real issues is limited, so I really don't need QLI queries sent to me.

Regualr service will now be resumed...
This thread serves a legitimate purpose and as it is originally proposed is a vehicle for communication between Mr Gordon and his customers. To that end it is a good thing.

However, it has the potential to become a very big argument, which will NOT happen.

To that end I will be watching this closely and ensuring that any beliigerence is punished and any off-topic rants are removed.

Also, I have moved this thread from the Lone Star to a more appropriate to topic venue.

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