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Vehicle design-Galley

Page 243, description of galley facilities, says that it provides food storage and preparation facilities for up to four passengers or crew. In the Standard Design errata, both the tracked and wheeled ATV's show galley space for 8 people. The cost and volume are listed as 800vl and Cr4000. According to the chart on page 243 (which is supposed to be correct, no mention of it in the errata), each galley unit is 200vl and Cr1000. To feed 8 people, you should only need 2 galley units, but the standard design has 4 galley units accounted for.
Following the text p.214 on food requirements (1kg per day per person), and the text on p. 243, the galley holds food 100kg of food or food for 25 days for four people. Eight galley's hold 800kg of food food for eight for 100 days each.

My guess: The designer (Hunter) installed the extra galley space for more food storage space. This extends the duration of the Wheeled ATV, which is supposed to be an exploration vehicle.

So, I wouldn't call this errata, but rather designer decision.
If that's true, it should have been noted under additional equipment or something, so characters using it know where all the extra food is stored. ;)
My screw up, it should list facilities for 16 (4 galley units). This is wrong for both the Wheeled and Tracked ATV. Both of these can carry up to 16 people at a time (though only 8 in small cabins).

Thanks for catching that!