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Vehicle and Starship distance conversions

I was wondering how vehicles would interact in a starship style environment. Example: A pressurized air raft can operate in a vacuum.


as its being pressurized, I guess its the air rafts job to work properly in vacuum

Will take a look in some official statements.


No answers, huh? It seems to me that an air raft would be a more practical way to move small amounts of personnel and equipment around in space (especially compared with the operating costs of ... say ... a slow boat)
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The way I've always played it is two kinds of 'gravity' drives.

"Ya, da puny wimpy we can't PUMP YOU UP ones found in da vehicles like da fairy-raft."

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Anyway he's basically right, vehicle gravity lifters are a weaker smaller cheaper type of device that only works in the presence of a significant gravity field. They are useless on very small worlds (less than 1?) or beyond low orbit. This makes them pretty useless for most orbital operations and all deep space operations, without adding suitable secondary thrusters.

The other type of 'gravity' drive is the much larger and power hungry Maneuver Drive, aka Thruster plate that is found in true spacecraft. These work by manipulating gravity in a totally different way and the performance rating is not based on local gravity but is limited to a maximum of 6 gees.

Anyway, that's my take on it, for what you find it worth, based largely on canon.

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Nevertheless, do we have any official tables displaying time to reach orbit for anti-grav
propelled vehicles ?


The original CT stated an air/raft could reach orbit requiring 1 hour per size number (e.g. size 7 world requres 7 hours flight time).

A craft capable of 1G acceleration can reach orbit in about 30 minutes. Divide this by the acceleration of the craft and multiply by the surface gravity. (e.g. a 2G craft taking off from a 0.5G world takes 7.5 minutes to reach orbit).

As an optional rule, divide the grav vehicle top speed by 1080 to get it's acceleration in G's. Apply the above formula to find time to orbit.