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Vargr fashions (link provided)


SOC-14 1K
Is it just me, or is this an outfit that only a Vargr would want to wear?

Well, guys, the URL posted by casey is definitely NOT happy. You have to be logged in to enworld to get the image...

I couldn't find the post in the source, so i couldn't actually check how it was linked.
All that does is make it take one more click to get to the same URL and "You must be logged into ENWorld" page PJ.

As for the URL I posted all I did was copy the link of the broken inline image from the first post and copy it as text instead of using the "Image" button in the full reply form. No editing.

In this case we're running up against material that ENWorld feels should only be accessible to registered and logged in members of the ENWorld community so it will be broken no matter how posted as long as that's the location.

Too bad as I get a kick out of Vargr fashions. ^_^

THe only way to do it would be to access it, d/l it, put it in ine;s own web space, thenaccess it that way. But that is a clear violation of copyright.

BTW, Enworld has always been opposed to incoming deep links.
Well I'm the one who originally posted the photo on EN World. I posted it there because I had nowhere else to post it. I still have the original.