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Vargr and K'Kree logos/flags


SOC-14 1K
Have the Vargr or K'Kree ever had a logo or flag associated with them?

I found the Solomani, Zhodani and Aslan ones, but nothing for the Vargr or K'Kree. For that matter, what about Droyne and Hivers, Vilani and Darrians?

Isn't there some sort of flame-thingy for the Darrians? Daryen would be the man to ask.

I imagine the Vargr and Droyne are not cohesive enough to have one specific symbol. K'Kree I don't know about. Better ask Gruffty about the Hivers, but do they even use the same sort of visual referencing as humaniti?
According to my reprint of CT:AM 5-8 I can give you descriptions of the Hivers and Darrians, the Droyne would be hard to describe.

Darrian: two greek letters, both omega. One written as normal, the other inverted and beneath the first.

Hivers: Take a six point equal angle "stick" star (like an X with a vertical line in it) and erase the lowest vertical segment/point. Arrange two side by side with a third above the other two. It looks a little like this:
</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;"> X
X X</pre>[/QUOTE]There is very little space between the two lower ones and the lower points of the upper one point to the tip top of the upper points of the lower stars.

Hope this helps.
Vargr don't have a single symbol from what I recall, but I believe one of the larger enclaves has an art-deco like canine skull against a red or black circle, which itself is against a lighter field of color.

Think of a Jolly Roger flag as if it were done by a megacorporation.