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UWPs How close to done?


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I must say that the amount of work done on the UWPs looks quite impressive. But how is it going? After 24 pages of corrections it looks like it just keeps going! Is there any clue how close to done it is?
I'm sure robject can tell you that we're within 15 months of having it complete, as that's the release date for Traveller5. ;)

Seriously, I wouldn't expect there to be any solid announcements on this project for at least four to six months, at the earliest. Between now and then, expect to see a lot more discussion on the various boards. In the long run, the only person who really knows is Marc W. Miller, who may decide in six months time to change everything, or revert back to the Genie data, or whatever he decides to do. He's the ultimate authority. All robject is doing is organizing the work in the hopes that the results he offers MWM are fit for his approval. At least, that's the impression I'm left with.

Sorry this wasn't much help,
Yup, which is why we're not doing that sucker by hand. It took most of Core sector before we fully understood the effort required.

There are lots of cans of worms yet to open. We can take the full amount of time tweaking and pinching the data. If pressed, we could also get it done in two months.