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Updated Campaign Aid PDFs for T20

Greetings, All.

I have begun reediting the Campaign PDFs that I offered in the past with your helpful and insightful suggestions... one thing I could not accomplish is to come up with an editable write in file that was weildy enough for transmission... I am making these in Illustrator 9 as it stands, if that helps...

The NPC sheet now has ALL the stats listed (Except vargr Prestige)

There are six PDFs available now... The newest is a one page "Short Form" Character Sheet that is focused on finalized character info, without tracking where every modifier is coming from. I would recommend using this in conjunction with a Master Sheet like in the T20 book. This is meant as a quick reference form.

Some of you have reported having trouble getting in touch with me via my profile, an it has since been updated with my correct email address...

Also, I am currently 70% done with a PDF group that outlines statistics for 20 or so Aliens for T20, they are in use in my Corsairs Campaign, but you may be interested... I should be done by mid October... they use the Sophont Species Data Record pdf that I made, and feature photorealistic artwork for the Aliens...

Many thanks, My Lords

My Lord Baron,

I'm not sure if you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat or not, but I've found that if I save a file in the .ai Illustrator format, then pull it into Acrobat and save as .pdf there, it consolidates a lot of the info and leaves you with a smaller file size. I think printing to Acrobat Distiller produces the same results.

Hope this helps,

Good lord Baron,

I would definitely be interested in the Aliens PDF you've put together, when you feel you are ready to make it available to the public.

Thanks in advance,
My Lords, I shall send a teaser to you for the nonce... the current "Release Date" is Halloween...

For the sake of establishing a common lingo, I am using Photoshop 6 for art/photos, Illustrator 9 for layouts... I have Acrobat reader 5 to export with...

What I had been doing in the past is saving the .ai as a pdf in illustrator, and going from there... some people have goten pdfs from me and some have not... it is something that I could certainly use some insight with, what? So if you would let me know what sort of trouble you have in getting them, I can track the problem...

My Lord Baron,

I do apologize. If you only have the Reader version of Acrobat, what I suggested won't work. I did check a few things, tho. I think most of the consolidation of the file size was when I printed to Acrobat Distiller from MS Word. The file went from 5 MB to about 78 k. Hope everything works for you.

My Lord Baron;

I was just wondering what the status was on your campaign PDFs you were working on. I would be most interested in seeing them, especially the one on Aliens. Any word on their completion?

As always, YMMV
John Hamill