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Type-Z 5000 Ton Dreadnought


SOC-14 5K
Book 2 design. 5000 tons. Jump-2, 2-G. 1,000 tons fuel. Model/7. 200 staterooms. 50 hardpoints (20 triple missile racks, 10 triple pulse lasers, 10 triple beam lasers, 10 triple sandcasters). 8 cutters (8 ATV modules, 4 fuel modules, 4 open modules). 4 ship's boats, 86 10-ton fighters, 5 air/rafts. 750 tons cargo. Unstreamlined. 170 crew, 86 pilots, 140 troops. 2,714.55 MCr, 40 months.

The I-Make-Dead-People Dreadnought is the largest fighting ship that can be designed using Book 2. A variant will soon exist without fighters but with more troops.