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Type-U 200 Ton Patrol Cruiser


SOC-14 5K
Book 2 design. 200 tons. Jump-3, 3-G, Plant-3 (drives-C). 90 tons fuel. Model/3. 10 staterooms. 2 triple turrets (3 pulse lasers, 3 missile racks). GCarrier. 2 tons cargo. 8 crew, 12 troops. 106.95 MCr, 11 months build time.

The Type-U is useful for patrolling rear areas or when Type-Ts are not available. If not carrying troops, cargo increases to 10 tons and staterooms are used for backup crew or passengers (or prisoners). Also used by smaller states as a cheaper unit.
Nice design Jame.

IMTU I have something similar that only carries four troops, and is equipped with a particle accelerator barbette.

A variant gets rid of the troops and carries two fighters instead.

I think I like your design better, it's more versatile.