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Type-S Scout/Courier Deckplan


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The Type-S Scout/Courier is one of the most iconic vessels in Classic Traveller. I've made the following deckplan according to the design given in LBB2 #2, p19.


1. Fuel, aerodynamics and Life Support.
2. Avionics and Communications.
3. Bridge.
4. Bridge corridor; ceiling iris valve leads to Turret; floor iris valve leads outside below the Type-S.
9. Landing Gear.
10. Main Corridor; includes fuel and life-support monitoring consoles.
11. Lounge/Galley.
12. Engineering Section.
13. Ship's Locker.
14. Cargo Bay (entrance point #1).
15. Air/Raft Bay (entrance point #2).

Note that some of the nominal "stateroom" tonnage has been divided betweem the actual staterooms, the longue, the corridors and the Ship's Locker; the nominal "bridge" tonnage has been divided between the actual bridge, landing gear, some corridors and Avionics/Communications. The Turret's fire control equipment is mounted in the turret's flat budge above the deck.

This is the typical Type-S design IMTU, designed in 2249, which still serves today (2400) in all naval/exploratory forces except for those of the Matriarchate.
Nice deckplan. If I may make a couple of suggestions: 1) Change the aft section of the cargo area to have a loading ramp/door like you have for the air/raft, makes it easier to move something large into the cargo area and 2) Put an Iris valve in the floor under the turret ceiling hatch for crew egress (I'm asuming that it will have enough clearance for the crew to walk up to).

BTW where did you get that grid pattern?
Originally posted by Randy Tyler:
BTW where did you get that grid pattern?
Used Paint Shop 7's grid pattern, screen-captured it, and used it as a "background" layer.
I'm still waiting for a deckplan for a scoutship that never had a single CT/MT deckplan drawn.... like the Aslan Hraye-class Scout.

Care to draw that one for me? *grin* *nudge*
I'm going to go with the combined CT/MT stats, even tho the Hraye-class Aslan Scout was originally a CT ship from Alien Module 1.


Aslan Scout
100 dtons

Jump Drive A
Maneuver Drive A
Power Plant A

Jump 2
Acceleration 2G

Crew 2 (Pilot, Engineer/Navigator)
Staterooms: 2 (no low berths)
Shrine of Heroes (a compartment, e.g. trophy room)

Ship's vehicles: ATV
Hardpoints: 1

Computer Model/2
Streamlined Yes
Fuel Scoops Yes
Purifier Yes

Fuel tankage: 40 tons (supports one Jump-2)
Cargo capacity: 4 tons
Cost: 33.97 MCr

The small Hraye-class scout is well suited to the solitary lifestyle of a wandering ihatei. Its features were designed for travel in less settled star systems.

General shape of the ship..... ummm I hate to be profane, but the closest thing it resembles is a phallic shape. from the picture in MT's Aslan and Solomani.
The Hraye (and other Aslan ships) are more like an alien cylinder design. This means that the Hraye might have 1 main deck. But it could have just enough space for a smaller "upper deck" or "lower deck" compartment (e.g. the turret, or maybe the small cargo hold).

The ship is not a "flattened" pyramid/square/wedge which is typical of many Human ships.