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Type C Armed Fast Trader


SOC-14 5K
The Type C Armed Fast Trader is designed to operate either as an armed trader, a heavy courier or a small, fast escort. Most examples operate in frontier locations where there are corsairs or where their Jump-3 engines are a benefit. Many are in service to pocket empires, some are in the Imperial Navy and those very few which are not in civilian hands are pressed into service as corsairs. The only one operated as a Star Merc is the Unfriendly Drunk.

Type C 300-ton Armed Fast Trader: 300 tons, Jump 3, 3-g. 120 tons fuel. Model-3 computer. 10 staterooms. 3 hardpoints (2 triple pulse lasers, 1 triple missile rack [missile rack in center hardpoint]). 20 ton launch, enclosed air/raft. 42 tons cargo (8 missiles, 34 general). 8 crew (6 troops optional). Streamlined. MCr 170.09, 15 months build time.
Nice. So is that a Book 2 CT design?

I like the name too, and it's a good excuse to cast the old ressurect dead thread on a favorite of mine so you can add it to the list, unless it's already there. Anyway, there must be some new folks here who haven't seen the list:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 1 being some 27 freaking pages of good reading
and Part 2 being a summary and continuation of the nearly 1600 names collected from the posts and official sources. Some with little stories. Worth a read imo :D
Yes, it is a Book 2 design - I haven't got anything else, so...

And in Part 2, none of my names got put in, so I'm quite put out - until/unless Wolfman puts them in I'm leaving it buried.
Your armament mix would be better suited in most versions of Traveller to be one thing or another not a mix. Even in LBB2 you only get to use each turret once per gunner. Since there is no advantage to 2 independent Pulse Lasedrs per target I might suggest a mix of one Pulse, One Missile and one Sandcaster. (Or go with one trip Missile battery and 2 Triple Laser Batteries.)