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Twilight2000 free at drivethru

This is freaking great. I never had or played first edition Twilight 2000, and I've always been fascinated by the setting. I picked up T2K 2.2 Edition, and used it as a resource for other games, but never really gelled with the combat system.

So far, I've only had a chance to skim it over, but already I really love the concept of "Coolness Under Fire". That's a really interesting game mechanic.
It's one of my favourite rules systems of all time.
I used these rules to run Traveller2300 and CT/MT like settings.
A lot of people freak-out at the fact that a single "shot" is actually three bullets. But the mechanic works very well once you swallow that.

I wasn't crazy about character generation, but the combat system is one of my favorites.
Another AFtermath Player. I use aftermath to replace just about every other system I use. Right now, I"m trying to create a Traveller Hard Times/ Rebellion Era version of Aftermath.
If you want any help with Aftermath in Space let me know...

I used the Aftermath rules for an ICE:Space Master game that lasted for quite a while.