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Twilight 2000 Play-by-Post


Over in Trader Jim's recent thread, he asked if people would be interested in hearing details of his campaign, and there seemed to be some interest. So, I thought I'd share the one I'm participating in as well.


That's the in-character thread for a T2K play-by-post that I'm currently playing in. It reads very well, but be forewarned that it's NOT a short read (628 posts and counting).

Hope y'all find it interesting.

edit: Note that registration may be required, but it is free, and doesn't provoke spam.
I tried your link but it said I couldn't access the thread and insisted I log on (but I don't have an account).

Any other way to access the thread?
Yes, like Pyske said, you need to open an account at RPGnet before you can view the Play-by-post forums there.

For people who don't want to register at RPGnet, the game's in-character thread is also on the game's website, at http://www.d20.demon.nl/t2k/ (under the header "S-3 Operations"). It's pretty crude and not entirely up to date, but that should get you started.
I went ahead and created an account. I've only read the first two pages, but kudos to you guys, it reads like a novel. Great stuff.
Well, I'm up to page 14 in the thread and I'm completely enthralled. I feel like I'm watching a really good World War II movie...(one of the "War is H*ll types, not one of the "join the army" propoganda types). I can't wait to see who survives the russkie over-run...
I'm wasting far too much time reading this thread (up to page 30 now) and I have to say I'm shocked it didn't win the "best game" contest on the play by post forum. Granted, I haven't read any of the other posts, but really, how could some Buffy or World of Darkness game even come close to this? It's like comparing Twelve O'Clock High to The Lost Boys.
Well I finally finished reading it all (much to the annoyance of my wife). All I can say is WOW. Excellent job gentlemen. One of the best PBEM campaigns I've ever read.
Thank you, guys. I'm sure that I speak for all of my players when I say we really appreciate the positive comments and the fact that we're not the only ones enjoying the story. Twilight 2000 just isn't as popular as Buffy or Exalted, but it's nice to know we still have our own enthusiastic readership, small as it might be.