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Starting a Play-by-Post game offsite.


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Greetings all, hope this finds everyone in good spirits and health.

Well I've not left yet (obviously), in no small part due to the well wishes of several here (for which I thank you). It also didn't hurt that some new mods were signed up and Hunter even stopped by briefly. Yep the site is looking not too bad again, I guess I'll be hanging around a little while yet, though I probably won't as active. I've gotten into some other interests, this post being the subject of one of them.

I've decided I want to ref some Traveller, and as face-to-face isn't going to happen anytime soon it looks like it'll be play-by-post.

I kicked off this idea where I thought the most interest would be, but the population is a lot less than here on CotI and there is some powerful competition, so I've decided to open up the recruiting to here as well. There's only two slots left though* so act fast but not hastily, read the whole post first please.

* for now at least, once I get rolling and I have my feet wet I may open up more spaces

If you can live with a TNE 1248ish setting, using T20 rules, operating out of a Yahoo message group, run by a ref not too sure of the new material but with a comfortable if foggy recollection of TNE first time around, and still working out all the T20 rules... then you might be a red-neck. NO. That's not what I meant... a red-shirt? No, that's a different game. What was it you might be...

Oh yes, you might be the next player in my game

But don't start creating characters yet with all the dice rolling and skill choosing and such, I'm looking for storytellers, not dice rollers. Of course you'll have to roll dice at times, but the emphasis should be on role. If that's still you and you're willing to play/post regularly for a long run then speak up here.

The basic premise will be built around my design and notes inspired by Bryan Gibson's recent STAT THAT SHIP for his militarized trader. Said graphic and my design notes can be found here:


Look at the pretty picture, then scroll down for my take on it.

Then forget most of it since that is not quite where you'll be starting from

The background and specifics are still being hammered out. Hitting my head hurts but it's the only way to get the ideas to flow, or is that blood??

So I'm looking for just 1 or 2 more players at this time, to assume one of the roles each of the four noted characters. It'll be first come first taken for the seats in the game, and we'll work out the role assignments from there.

The fifth character, the ship, will be my chief role. But don't start thinking voice interface and AI, it's not that high tech
It's just that I want to develop the story around the ship being as it was the inspiration for it. It'll be your job to develop the story around the characters.

So, any takers here?
Well it's looking like it may be more homebrewish OTU/minor ATU but pretty solidly TNE 1248. Do I put you on the callback sheet Straybow?
Dan, count me in, are we thinking here or the more urbane Playbypost.com (which has apparently the problem of losing data).
I too would be intersted but it seems you have already got a full complement. :(

darned and dashitall.
I'm 'fraid so Klaus and kafka. For the time being at least. If more seats open up you'll be alerted.

To answer kafka's question, it'll be on a Yahoo message group, and I'll be posting links to it so people can follow the story if interested. Hadn't heard of Playbypost.com (not surprised such exists though) but if lost data is a problem I'm glad I didn't.

Please put me on the list for future opportunities too. I'm definitely interested in 1248, and can actively post daily. In fact, if you need a short term guest NPC, I'd be up for that too.

Dan, best of luck with this!

You have my e-mail (I hope) for brain picking, NPC motivation, and the occaisional mad hatter "What would a PC do if..?" plan "B".


Thanks Liam.

I do and I shall be glad to have your help when I find the need. And I thank you for Ref's Plan B ;) Now I just need to dot the t's and cross the i's on Ref's Plan A