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Twilight 1944

Everytime I have seen the Clint Eastwood movie 'Where Eagles Dare' since T2000 was released, I have thought what a perfect story this was that could have easily been a scenario for Twilight WWII.

I was just wondering if any players in this forum have ever run WWII scenarios or campaigns, and how they turned out. What rules modifications were used? What sort of characters were there? (Somehow I have images of a French cigarette smoking partisan with baret).
Good little site. Thanks for that. I have just picked up most of the core rule books for 2nd Ed T2000, and was planning on running a couple of small mini campaigns, before I got my hands on Ed 1, and stuck the players back into Poland. With the info on that site, I might put the mini campaign back into 1944 pre D Day.
What about a delayed historical Timeline? World War I ended in 1918 and thats it. Hitler was never born and the NAZIs rose to power in Germany under someone else. Their just as evil and anti-semitic, they just weren't as militarily ambitious as Hitler was, they lose courage and fail to start World War II in 1939. Instead several generations of Nazi governments come and go until finally the Germans have a Furor who is willing to start World War II in 1999. Nuclear power was developed, but not the nuclear bomb. the Germans were more interested in power sources than nuclear explosives and the Americans saw now pressing need until the latest Furor took office. World War II begins with an invasion of Poland after Germany has annexed Austria and Chechoslovakia without a fight. The general events play like World War II except that modern weapons are used instead of the World War II equivalents. The Manhattan project finally gets going and the Germans start their own nuclear weapons program.
You really ought to check out GURPS Atomic Horror for weird ideas (like that directly above) like that.

N.B. Weird is not neccessarily a criticism just a description like Weird West or Weird Fiction. It ought to be synomyn of pulp.