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Turret Weapon tonnage


OK, maybe I'm misinterpreting but...

on the table one page 272 - Avail Turret Weapons

it lists a column Tons and defines that as "The tonnage of the turret based on the type of weaponry it contains, regardless of the actual number of weapons mounted in it."

I read this as saying that a laser turret will always take up 1 ton of space, no matter if it holds 1, 2 or 3 lasers. And nowhere have I found that weapons take up space in addition to the turret (except for ammo/missles etc)

But in all the standard design examples of spacecraft that carry laser turrets, these turreted weapons take up 1 ton per weapon installed (triple laser turrets take 3 tons, etc)

Did I miss a rule, or are the standard designs mistaken?