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Tresastrum Tease

Tresastrum Overview

Tresastrum is an artificially constructed stellar rosette consisting of three G2v stars arranged in a triangular formation orbiting a central point. Each star is 1500 AU’s from the other stars and 866 AU’s from the orbital center. A world within each of the three planetary systems was terra-formed into habitable worlds. On Novusolum and Lupustellus flora and fauna from Earth was seeded. On Epopismundus flora and fauna from the Ancients homeworld were seeded. Humans were place on Novusolum and Vargr were placed on Lupustellus. Epopismundus was inhabited by the Ancients (Droyne). Created during the time of the Ancients, Tresastrum was encapsulated into a pocket universe during the Final War by it creator, a grandchild of Yaskoydray. Unfortunately before the seal was complete one of the warbots sent by Yaskoydray found it’s way to Epopismundus and killed the Ancients there and polluted it with extreme radiation. For the next three hundred thousand years the worlds were separated from the rest of the universe and developed on their own. The humans developed civilization and advanced technologically whereas the Vargr remained barbaric. Once the humans had developed gravitic space travel they sent exploratory missions to the two other star systems. They found the main world around Lupustellus hospitable to human life and began to send settlers there. Vargr soon attacked these settlers and the humans reacted by exterminating the Vargr. The intense radiation on Epopismundus made extended and extensive exploratory missions problematic and even today little is known about the surface. Since first settled over a hundred years ago the human civilization on Lupustellus has grown. For all of the Novusolum humans colonization of Lupustellus was the greatest period of history until the Emergence Event transpired a few decades ago. The Emergence Event began with a extremely bright light in the sky which over the course of a week spread out into the other stars on the normal universe as the pocket universe around Tresastrum failed to maintain integrity. Within a couple of months the Imperial Scout Service had made contact with the humans of Novusolum and over the last few decades trade and relations have been established.